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Gooooooo!sled7 Airborne!sled6 sled5 sled4 sled3 sled2 sled1

Seriously, why do people stop sledding when they grow up?  Every grown up should sled.  Regularly.  It’s awesome.  (Even better when captured on film, I LOVE my new camera!)



And some more perfect winter day fun.

ice damshovel snow Snowman1


After some hot chocolate, it’s brother play time.  Note Kellen’s adorable shirt.  I’ll admit it, he wore it three days in a row – I think he likes it.  I mention it because it was a gift from an ANRC reader.  So generous and not necessary – I’m pretty overwhelmed.  She also sent a gift for Owen that is so crazy cool that I can’t let you see it yet…me, the worst secret keeper in the world, keeping it a secret…that’s how cool it is.  This blog-thing has really been a great reminder that the world is full of amazing and kind people.



Owen’s favorite game – chase!chase

Owen’s second favorite game – Peek-a-boo!  He puts his hands on the side of his head instead of over his eyes.  It’s so adorable.  He starts every PT and Early Intervention with a game of peek-a-boo.  This kid is a natural-born flirt.Peek


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