The Last Week of Summer in Pictures

You know it’s officially Fall when you need to do some raking…it seems a little early, doesn’t it?

Kellen was a big help all week.  On top of helping Kyle do a little raking, he also helped me with cleaning this week.  He has his own broom vac, so we both pulled out our vacs got all the floors vacuumed and then he took the steamer and did the whole downstairs.  Does he do it exactly as I would?  Nope.  Does it look better than it did before and does he get some training on cleaning?  For sure.  Fortunately, he still thinks the cleaning is fun.

Fun must have a different meaning at three because he also thought his first trip to the dentist was fun.  He did great with his cleaning and exam.  He told me the dental hygienist was “very gentle with my teeth”.  He was given an ‘A’ for plaque and an ‘A’ for gum health and walked away with a few new toys.  Glad I’m not the only one who bribes!

While we were there, I gave the dentist a little history on Owen and asked her when we should bring him for his first appointment.  She took a quick peek at his two teeth (fortunately he fell asleep in my arms so didn’t see the hands coming to enter his mouth) and said that considering his history, especially with jaundice, they look promising.  They are discolored, but he has enamel and the are properly shaped, so in her mind, it’s about as good as we could have hoped – I guess that’s good, but I never imagined thinking highlighter yellow teeth would be the “good” outcome.

Fortunately, Owen’s smile is beautiful no matter the color of his teeth and one thing that really makes him smile is his 1 hour oxygen break.

So far he’s doing okay, but not great on his oxygen breaks.  After an hour it’s clear that he’s working harder to breathe and his oxygen saturation levels are hovering just above his cutoff.  We’ll keep giving him tries on the days that he seems to be doing well.  The expectation is that even when Owen gets off oxygen, it’ll be an on and off process through the cold and flu season.

Fortunately, no colds, just giggles this week.  I love seeing my boys play together.


Something else that I love?  The unconditional kindness of people.  Saturday, Kellen walked with me to the mailbox and I was surprised to see a package from a preemie mom whom I’ve never met in person.  Curiosity got the best of me and I opened the package still at the mailbox and found this adorable superhero costume for Kellen.  He was so excited he ran all the way down the driveway with the cape flying behind him  Thanks so much S!  She said she sent it because preemie siblings are superheros too.  Really, really thoughtful, loving, kind and so true.

Not wanting to be outdone by his caped and masked brother, Owen decided to do a couple super feats this weekend too.  Although, it’s about the time that we set the goal for him to be doing it, Owen’s still not officially crawling.  However, that’s not stopping him from getting around or beating goals.  Owen is now climbing a step and pulling to his feet – a full month before his goal!  AND, he even climbed the step and got into the other room.  The first time he did it, he pulled one leg up and then rolled with his body the rest of the way up.  The second time, he crawled on all fours.  I’m just waiting for him to do it all while I have the video rolling.  I’ll post it on Facebook, when I catch it.

All in all – a good week!

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  1. So proud of Owen!! And I love the things Kellen says!! ”very gentle with my teeth”!! 🙂
    And the pictures of the two together? Makes my heart melt!!

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