Cold and Flu Season Dread

I don’t know if panic is exactly the right word…okay, panic is the right word… I have to be honest, I’ve really, really been struggling with the thought of being stuck in our house for another Cold and Flu season.  Eight to nine months of only leaving the house for doctor/therapy appointments and for dropping off and picking up Kellen for school.  The closer it gets; the more the weather changes and the more I see parents posting on Facebook about their kids being sick, the larger the pit in my stomach grows.  Dread, panic, MOODY and anxiety all come to mind.  Seriously, as I type this, tears run down my face.  I’ve done this cold and flu season winter thing before and let me tell you, the very nicest word I can come up for it is, it SUCKS!

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90 Days of Blogging

I can’t believe it’s already been 90 days (as of Sunday) since I’ve made the shift from CaringBridge to this ANRC blog.  From what I can find, 90 days is the point in the blog world when you’re expected to stick it out and keep up with regular posting.  I’ve got to tell you, this 90 days has flown by and I’m having so much fun.

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Marriage and the NICU

More than alone time, more than work, more than girls nights out, more than “normalcy”, more than anything – what I missed in the first year of Owen’s life was my husband.  Continue reading