NICU Friend Visits and Kellen One Liners

It’s been another good week for the M family.

Owen got to play with two of his NICU Nursery 2 friends. Tuesday we went back to Como and had a picnic with Joanna (the August hero) and Isaiah. It’s been a few months since they last saw each other and this was the first time they were both mobile. Neither ever got mad at each other, but they always seemed to want to play only with the toy the other had. Isaiah, who is typically very pacifier particular, even gave Owen’s “off brand” pacifier a try. It was funny to watch them “play”, I think the two will keep Joanna and I busy on our visits. Saturday we had another of the Nursery 2 friends to our house for a visit. It was the first visit since the NICU days and it was really fun to see the two together. These two were truly in the trenches together – they were born 5 days apart – and they seemed to have a special intrigue in each other. I’m no match maker, but she just may be Owen’s first girlfriend. Kellen also seemed smitten by big sister. He ran outside and came back in to present her with a dandelion.
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