When Problems Don’t Stink

Whew, Owen is down for his nap.  It’s been a busy morning!  He’s truly on fire lately.  I think he’s starting to live up to the red-head stereo type.  B-U-S-Y!

Busy is actually the way that only a mother could say it.  It’s kind of like when Grandma Sandy remembers Kyle’s teen/college years as “he had fun.”  I didn’t know Kyle during those years, but the stories I’ve heard, definitely sound like fun.  I’ve also nearly cried tears laughing so hard at the mullet pictures.  Yes.  Mullet.  Business in the Front, Party in the Back.  Minnesota Mudflap.  Hockey Hair.  Whatever you want to call it, that God-Awful 80’s do (that apparently was still cool in Kyle’s part of Minnesota in the mid-90’s).  I’d love to post one of the pics on here, but Kyle would be mortified.  I mean really, isn’t that part of what we bloggers are supposed to do?  Mortify our husbands in the most public, shareable way possible?

Oh, that’s right, that’s not the theme of this blog.  This blog is about celebrating the small things that make the way into amazing things.  For Owen, being “busy” (always) is pretty amazing.  We had a joint PT/Speech session and an Early Intervention with PT session this week and everyone is so excited about the things Owen is doing right now.  Fun, fun stuff.  Busy stuff.

Like opening doors.  Nothing is sacred…he can get into any room of the house, including bathrooms.  Joy!  No, seriously.  Joy!  The balance it takes to reach on your tip toes and open a door.  The ability to stretch through the scars covering your core to reach waaaaay over your head and pull down a lever.  The curiosity to explore and cognition to remember what’s behind that door.  The fine motor skills to grasp and pull.  Child proofing never felt so good!


There is also a lot of climbing into the dishwasher and pulling out the drawers, silverware, plates and pans.  The help with the dishes can be a little annoying…for about two seconds…and then I think about the fact that he’s interested in helping.  Wants to pull things out of silverware trays AND put them back in.  Traversing a BIG step up.  Stretching his whole body as he pulls open and pushes shut those relatively heavy drawers.  It’s pretty hard to stay annoyed.

busy toddler

And then when I do remove him…he does this!  A temper tantrum.  As in, thoughts and opinions about how he wants to spend his time.  He is learning to negotiate and communicate his wants and needs.  And seriously, that sad face is pretty hard to resist.

sad toddler

I’ve already told you about this type of busy that Owen has started to be…but here he is caught in the act of disconnecting is tubing from the O2 tank.  I posted this picture last night on Facebook and opened it up for captions.  Click the link to add your suggested captions and like your favorites (you don’t need to be on FB to see the captions, but you do need to have an account to comment or like).

toddler on oxygen

What I can tell you for sure, not all problems stink.  Owen is keeping us busy and it’s nothing to do with his health.  I love these problems.  Love them.

Anyone else having some problems that you love that you want to share?

Before I go, I’m feeling a little guilty about telling you about Kyle’s mullet.  Not guilty enough to delete it before hitting publish, but guilty enough that I suppose I should add in some self-deprecation as a show of good will.

You want to know the worst kind of problem?  When you didn’t realize that this was a problem.  Ahh, the hat, the bangs, the perm.  The eyebrows.  (Yes, those eyebrows do deserve to be their own sentence.)  The MC Hammer-inspired, tight on the bottom and baggy on the top pants.  If it weren’t for the buttons, I’m sure I would have tight rolled them.  The serious, look-out-the-window-profile-pose.  1989, I’m glad you’re history.



On that note, enjoy your weekend!

A note:  I’ve been asked if Owen knocks his Oxygen tank over.  The answer is, no, once he became mobile we started laying the tank down so he couldn’t pull it on top of himself.