Cold and Flu Season Bucket List Check In

At the beginning of the cold and flu season, I created a bucket list of items I want to do during the cold and flu season to help keep me busy and to give myself some goals.  We’re at the half way point.  3.5 months down, 3.5 to go – I’m assuming we’ll be on lock down through April.  Last year, it was through May.

As a reminder, here’s my list.

Cold & Flu Season Bucket List for Preemie Parents


I’ve made some progress, but not enough.  I need to be held accountable, so here’s where I am.

Learn to Quilt – I’ve bought and read much of a book, but I’m scared to start.  I hope I remember how to use my sewing machine!  I found a class in April and think I will sign up for it to help get me started.

Airplane Ride – We have an idea to get me on an airplane.  Not sure yet if it’ll happen.

Make a Snow Angel – Still need to do it.

Give Blood – Still need to do it.

Make Caramel Apples – Does it count when it’s store-bought dip?  I think not.  Adding caramels to the shopping list.

Organize photo albums – I will be so happy when I do it.  We are turning our den into the  play room, so my pictures will be moving to another room in the house…I’m committed to doing this before January ends.

Send one “Just because” letter each month – I’ve failed miserably at this one.  I’ve only sent one letter so far.  Who wants the next letter?  I’ll be doing catch up letters because late is better than never.

Go Sledding – Check!  Finally, something I can say I’ve done.

Monthly Date Nights – Not doing too bad on this, but we did miss December.

Bloody Mary Brunch – Check!  It was delicious.

Facial – Check!  I wish I would have signed up for more of these!

Make Cookies – Check!  Kellen and I have made cookies a few times.

Hot Chocolate & Cookies to NICU Families on a snowy day – I may just have to make this a winter day, so far we’ve only had the one snow storm of significance.  Will you all let me make that adjustment without penalizing me??

Wear a Dress – Still need to do this.  We have some birthday dinners coming up, so this will be easy to check off.

Handmade Gift – Check!  I can’t say what it is, because only one of the four sets of grandparents have received theirs so far.

Family Pictures – Still need to do this.  My Wisconsin Photographer is willing to travel if we can get several of us for the same weekend.  Anyone in Minneapolis area interested?  It’s the same people who did our family pictures in the header (which I need to fix to be properly credited to them, thank goodness they are family).  Pichette Photography, LLC.  They have a snow machine (it’s really bubbles but looks like snow) so can do fun snowy pics even if the weather isn’t cooperating.  $150 for a session and you keep the disc.  Email me if you want more details.

Find My Signature Dish – This Curried Chicken and Rice Soup just may be it.  I’ve been playing with it each time I make it to make it a little more my own, but it’s yummy and something the whole family can eat.  Owen gets the cutest smile when he tastes the broth.

Run a 5K– I’m signed up for Goldy’s Run benefiting University of Minnesota, Amplatz Children’s Hospital.  Who is joining me?

Gift for a Child in the Hospital – I’ve given a gift to the family of a child in the hospital, but not specifically a child, so I need to work on this one.

Work for Money – Check!  I’ve done a couple small consulting things.

Read a Classic – Check!  Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors.  I read Sense and Sensibility in October and am currently on my annual reading of my all time favorite book, Persuasion.

So, by the looks of things, I have plenty to still keep me busy this cold and flu season.

Honestly, it’s really important to me that I do all these.  I’m a firm believer that you need to be proactive in managing your happiness.  These items are for me and about me and when you’re a special needs parent, or parent to any child, it’s so easy to get sucked into what you’re supposed to do that you forget about yourself.  Kyle keeps reminding me that I was so much more pleasant to be around after I took time for a weekend get-a-way with two close friends.  I can’t always do weekend get-a-aways, but I can do these small things for myself.

Did anyone else do a bucket list?  How are you doing on yours?  Let me know if you need motivation!

Cold and Flu Season Dread

I don’t know if panic is exactly the right word…okay, panic is the right word… I have to be honest, I’ve really, really been struggling with the thought of being stuck in our house for another Cold and Flu season.  Eight to nine months of only leaving the house for doctor/therapy appointments and for dropping off and picking up Kellen for school.  The closer it gets; the more the weather changes and the more I see parents posting on Facebook about their kids being sick, the larger the pit in my stomach grows.  Dread, panic, MOODY and anxiety all come to mind.  Seriously, as I type this, tears run down my face.  I’ve done this cold and flu season winter thing before and let me tell you, the very nicest word I can come up for it is, it SUCKS!

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