An End to Our Eczema Battle…and it’s an Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Too

Most people are polite enough to not mention it.  Doctors are not most people.  Owen sees 7 specialists, each 3-5 times a year.  I’ve heard it a lot these last couple of months.

“Whoa, his skin is so clear!”

Up until a few months ago, this is what Owen’s hands looked like.

eczema before

Can I tell you how horribly stressful eczema is?  We had cream after salve after steroid after lotion after homeopathic oil.  I would go to the store and buy a bottle of everything in the section, and nothing worked.  We had to stop food trials because we couldn’t get his skin to a good enough baseline to know if he was having allergic reactions to foods.  Every night we gave Owen Benedryl so he had a chance of sleeping through the night.  If he woke up it was because he was crying from itching himself bloody.  “Itchy Itchy” was one of Owen’s first 10 words.  We had our duct work cleaned, the carpets cleaned, switched detergents, stopped using dryer sheets, only dressed him in cotton… you name it, we tried it. I hesitated going to the Dermatologist because I knew she would just suggest more (and stronger) steroids…and she did.

And then in July, I applied for a job and listened to the CEO of a start up tell me about the alcohol free hand sanitizer his company was launching.  Let’s be honest, I’m a preemie mom… he had me at ‘hand sanitizer’.  However, as I learned more about the natural healing and non-stinging properties of the active ingredient, Hypochlorous, I had one thought.  A hand sanitizer that I can use on Owen!

I’ve never used alcohol hand sanitizers on Owen because he’s so young and puts his hands in his mouth…and well, it is alcohol (120+ proof, by the way).  Even if their wasn’t the toxicity of alcohol to worry about, I don’t like using alcohol hand sanitizers when I have a hang nail, can you imagine what it’d feel like on tiny hands that are nearly entirely open wounds like Owen’s were?  With the reality that there was a hand sanitizer that I could use on Owen, the company probably could have gotten me to work for free (if you’re reading this CleanSmart team, I’m just kidding!)

Needless to say, I got the job and immediately took product home.  I had a small cut on my hand so I sprayed it on…it didn’t hurt.  So I held my breath and put a small squirt on Owen, he didn’t cry!  Finally, I had an option besides wipes when we were out of the house without access to soap and water.  To my surprise, I started to notice another benefit to CleanSmart hand sanitizer, Owen’s hands started to heal.  Within a week, his teachers asked me what we were doing differently.  Within two weeks, his hands looked like this.Eczema after

Since August, I have not put a steroid cream on Owen’s hands.  He no longer wakes up crying from itching, he doesn’t get Benedryl at bed time and “itchy, itchy” is a phrase I never hear him say.  We’ve been able to reinstate feeding therapy and food trials and this weekend Owen swallowed TWO Gluten Free mac and cheese noodles.

I realize I work for the company and it could seem like I’m blowing smoke, but guys, I cannot tell you how much CleanSmart Alcohol Free hand sanitizers have improved the quality of Owen’s day to day life.  No more pain and constant itching.

I may work for the company, but I’m a mom first and I wanted a doctor’s agreement to this treatment, so when we went to the Dermatologist I brought the product.  She felt it made a ton of sense that CleanSmart hand sanitizer is working for him.  As a matter of fact, there are newer-to-the-market prescription products for eczema that use hypochlorous as one of the natural ingredients.  In her opinion, the reason it works is that it’s killing the germs.  When your skin is dry and you irritate it by itching it, your skin is highly susceptible to bacterial infections, like staph.  The infection worsens the eczema and becomes a vicious cycle…you can’t moisten the skin because you don’t put lotion on open wounds, and you can’t stop itching because there is an open wound.  CleanSmart, in her opinion, killed the germs which allowed his skin to heal.  And it killed the germs without the use of any antibiotics.  Once the infection was gone, and the wound was healed, we moisturized with an over the counter lotion (Cerave is what our Dermatologist recommends) and his hands have stayed healthy.  Occassionally he’ll itch and get a small flare up.  I treat any red areas with CleanSmart and the discomfort is gone within a day.

CleanSmart Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

Since our success with CleanSmart treating Owen’s eczema, a woman who works for our agency tried it on her teen daughter’s eczema with very similar results.  Will it work for you?  I don’t know, we have a sample size of two, so far.  But, I am encouraged by the doctor’s belief in the efficacy of CleanSmart hand sanitizer and that there are prescription products that use the same active ingredient.  What I really love is that unlike the eczema aisle at the grocery store, it’s a pretty inexpensive product to try (starts at $2.50) and the product is 100% kid safe – pediatrician approved, dermatologist approved (and that’s a real test, not just one doctor saying so) and it’s hypoallergenic…oh, yeah, and did I mention it’s a preemie mom’s number one must-have – a hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs.

I’ll admit, I thought long and hard before sharing this post.  I want to keep my work life and my blog life separate.  However, if there is one more family out there that is dealing with the pain of eczema like we did for two years and CleanSmart could help, then I felt I needed to share.

If you’d like to try CleanSmart, I’m giving away one travel pack with both the 2 oz Gel and Spray Hand Sanitizers to one lucky winner.  CleanSmart is in select stores in Minnesota, and will be reaching other parts of the country over the next couple of months.  Until then, you can also purchase products at

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I won’t talk more about CleanSmart on ANRC, but you can learn more at CleanSmart’s Website, Facebook or Twitter pages.

To see CleanSmart being produced, check out this feature video from WCCO news in Minneapolis.