More Summer Fun!

The summer of getting in every possible social activity continued last week.  It’s hard to believe we are already 2/3 of the way through the summer and that Owen and I will be on lock down again next month.

Some have been surprised to hear that we will be just as strict with Owen’s exposure in his second winter as we were the first.  A very common question is, “but Owen is getting older, so his immune system should be stronger, right?”  The short answer is, it’s not his immune system we are worried about – it’s his lungs.  I’ll spend more time on our fear of cold and flu as we enter the season, but please know that that protecting Owen from respiratory illnesses is very important for, at least, one more winter.

The good news on the lungs is Owen’s had a healthy last few months, and while his lungs are healing he’s doing some great things everywhere else too.  I can’t wait for you all to read Tuesday’s posts – the development advancements that Owen is making right now are downright amazing,  I won’t steal too much thunder, but if you didn’t see this picture on Facebook that was posted on Saturday, it’s just a tiny peak of what he’s been doing.  In addition to his personal development Olympics, Owen got to see many of my friends this week who came to visit us while Kyle and Kellen were out-of-town.  He shocked them all by how big he is getting.  I’m not sure he enjoyed dinner and wine as much as I did, but he still gave all his visitors his award-winning smile.

Kellen had a busy week too.  At school, they are celebrating the Olympics and he got to have a tea party with the Queen.  Wednesday we met Grandma Sandy so he could spend time with her.  He got to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine and Grandma even found a Thomas t-shirt for the ride.  They also spent some time at the cabin where Kellen did all the usual cabin favorites and really enjoyed his one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa.  He was happy to come home, but missed Grandma too.  He called her after dinner to say goodnight when 8:00 came an hour early and he fell soundly to sleep within seconds of hitting the pillow.

Kyle traveled for work all week, but he was able to have a nice weekend celebrating his dad’s birthday.  Corky’s birthday falls on the same weekend as the Serbian Church golf scramble and church dinner.  It’s a favorite of both Corky and Kyle and this year was extra sweet because they tied for first place.  The team was Corky, Kyle, Uncle Jerry and Cousin Dave.  The team they tied included Sandy’s Uncle Louie so it was a good week for the whole family.

Owen’s pretty excited about all of his new skills – make sure you come back tomorrow to check them out.

Kellen riding Thomas

Pretty good Birthday Present for Grandpa Corky!




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