Lots to Fodder but No Time to Fodder

Hi Everyone, I know a lot of people get worried when I don’t post on my regular days, so I’m just doing a quick check in to say, we are here and we are doing well. This week has been incredibly busy. Last night was the first time I pulled out my computer since Monday night and I was so behind on emails that email was as far as I got.

This week we had Kellen’s Kindergarten screen. I had a fabulous overnight (and then a little recovery time the next day) with friends I haven’t seen since high school. Kyle was traveling a good portion of the week. Owen had therapy appointments with PT, Speech and Early Intervention and he had doctor appointments with Pulmonary and Physical Medicine &Rehab (PM&R also known as Physiatrist).

Everything went well, here are a couple highlights.

  • Owen’s is now only on oxygen as needed during the day time and he will continue with it on at night. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think his next letter to nasal cannulas will be a doozie (I don’t think my letter to the oximeter will fit ANRC’s PG rating)! Pulmonary was really, really pleased with Owen’s breathing and endurance for physical activity (she had to chase behind him with the stethoscope to listen to his breathing).

    Owen enjoying life without the cord.

    Owen enjoying life without the cord.

  • Owen was fitted for Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFOs) today. These are braces that will support his ankles and the doctor thinks they will jump start his walking. For now the braces are a test. She’s not predicting where Owen will net out in terms of needing braces or arches as he gets older. “He’s a moving target,” is the phrase she keeps using about him, and she’s right, the kid doesn’t stop moving ;-). In a rare break from movement, here’s a picture of him sitting nicely for his AFO molds.20130322-133840.jpg
  • I mentioned that I got together with friends I haven’t seen since high school. We went to the P!nk concert, which was great. There were 8 of us, so we rented a limo. There were some libations involved. Because of the company, I might have thought I was eighteen again. The bruises on my legs the next day were a great reminder that I may have taken a ride on a mechanical bull. My phone even has some footage of it. It’s kind of embarrassing. I don’t like embarrassing myself…but…I will…for a price. If I get a total of $200 more (starting from $180, so I need to end at $380) in donations to my March of Dimes walk before 12:00 midnight, Monday 3/25, I’ll post the video. I dare you to make me embarrass myself. Click here if you’re interested in supporting our walk.20130322-133933.jpg


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4 thoughts on “Lots to Fodder but No Time to Fodder

  1. Way to go Owen! so handsome. I definitely want to see video footage of the mechanical bull! donating right now…. If only I had footage from Boulder or Mexico…..you would have even more incentive…. 🙂

    In all seriousness – love all the smiles on everyones faces. Love you a miss you!
    auntie Sarah 🙂

    • Show us a picture when she gets them! Owen’s will have the fish print. I figured they would go well with shorts in the summer. Did you get a print for Molly’s?

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