Infographics to Share for Prematurity Awareness Month

To help share information on prematurity, I’ve been posting some infographics on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Please feel free to share with your community.

While you’re on Pinterest, check out the March of Dime’s Board.  It’s full of great information.




I’m planning on several more infographics.  If you’d like your child featured on one of them, please feel free to send a picture to me.  I could use 5-6 more.

Also, if you’re another blogger or preemie site that is sharing information for Prematurity Awareness…please, feel free to pimp your page!  Preemie Families Unite!


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2 thoughts on “Infographics to Share for Prematurity Awareness Month

    • Angie, Welcome, I’m glad you stopped by. I peeked at your blog – your kids are beautiful! Also, your realization that in not too many months, we’ll have to stop correcting for development rang true for me too. I’m thinking to myself, “Deep breaths – it’s just a number”.

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