I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane!

That’s right, you’ve read that correctly. Assuming neither boy gets overly ill in the next 12-15 hours, I’m outta here. 3 nights and days with no one but myself to take care of.

I’ve gotta say, it’s a mix of emotions.
Excitement: I NEED this badly!
Worry: Is it really going to happen?
Excitement: A weekend with two of my college roommates! (and E & P, for a portion)
Worry: Please, God, don’t let Owen get sick (or Kellen, or Kyle, or Grandma Sandy)
Apprehension: Did I leave all the information they will need?
Preemptive annoyance: How many times am I going to get called?
Princess Pouting: First time flying without elite status, no exit row or upgrade chance?!?!?!
Anticipation: Sleeping in, mmmmmm!
High Hopes: A massage, ahhhh!
Serenity: The mountains in the summer, deep breaths.
Astonishment: This really may happen!
Loneliness: Missing my boys already
Relief: I NEED this badly! (oh, did I already mention that?)

Have a great weekend. I will not be posting on Monday, so I’ll see you here on Tuesday when I share all the goals Owen now has for his gross motor development. They are fun, big-boy, things.

PS – Did I mention that I NEED this badly?

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