I need a Vacation

I need a day that I don’t hear the word mom and I don’t have to repeat myself 100 times and I don’t have to follow around my dare Devil in anticipation of his next dangerous move.

I need a day that the mess is my mess…or maybe it’s not messy at all.

I need a day that I go to bed early because I have the energy to get to bed.

I need a day that I don’t have to wipe butts and that the weekend is actually more relaxing than the week days (which aren’t really relaxing either).

I need a day that I NOT talk about special needs and prematurity and I how I stink at being a home-maker.

I need a day with one of my best friends who is comfortable in silence who laughs with a hearty laugh and is pregnant so she will pass me her beers at the tasting.

I need a day of waking up when I wake up, beautiful scenery and fresh air to breathe.

I need a day with delicious food and to be able to eat it at the temperature it’s meant to be eaten.

I need a day to wear shoes that aren’t practical and maybe a splash of make-up.

I need a day to reset, unwind and miss the man and boys in my life.

I need a vacation…NOW!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone…I’m going on vacation (or holiday to all the lovely non-American readers).  It’s girls weekend with one of my BFFs who also is in need of a vacation.  

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11 thoughts on “I need a Vacation

    • I’m going to brag…the food was delicious. we ate non-stop. Long meals, where you could talk to each other. unheard of stuff in the parenting world.

  1. Tatum, my lovely awesomeness. I am SOFUCKINGLAD that you are (hopefully?) already on vacation as I type this. Yay to you. Yay to sleep. I hope it’s marvelous. (or was – did I miss it?)

    Also – tip from our home – (which I realize may not work for yours) – hubs and I rotate 2/ce a month one of us wakes up and the other sleeps. It often involves still getting up (because Tucker refuses to go downstairs without me et al) and then going back to bed. I used to not be able to but these days? I’ve become a champ. Something to consider. And also? MWAH. Huge.

  2. I am delighted to hear you are going away! God, you deserve it. I swear we are separated at birth siblings. I could have written that (especially the not even having the energy to go to he’d early). I wish I could hop on a plane and take you out for that beer!

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