How Was It?

I feel like I dumped a couple of heavy posts and then disappeared last week.  We went out of internet and cell phone range for a long weekend at the in-law’s cabin.  Having received so many comments and private messages while I was away, the trip didn’t feel like the best ANRC steward approach, but it was a good healing approach.  There is something really cathartic about sharing difficult emotions and then being forced to move on for a few days.

I can say that the day of the anniversary was not nearly as difficult as the anticipation of it (a trend I am starting to notice).  We stayed busy with the drive up to the cabin and spending time with Sandy and Rusty.  That night, Owen woke up and wouldn’t settle.  I ended up holding him in my arms in bed and he slept on my chest while I read.  He stayed in bed with me until Kyle came to bed a couple of hours later.  I took a picture (blinded by the flash, not fake sleeping) because it’s the first time I’ve ever fallen asleep with Owen in my arms.20130529-102554.jpg

The wee hours between May 24 and May 25 seemed somewhat fitting for us to be snuggling.  Two years ago I would have given anything to know that Owen’s future could be this bright.20130529-102617.jpg20130529-102717.jpg

On the way home from the cabin, Owen had a date at the aquarium with his NICU girlfriend.  Two years ago, they were two of the sickest kids in the NICU.  This year they watched in wonder at fish and turtles.  I forgot to look at the animals much, I was busy being amazed at how far these two have come.20130529-102632.jpg

Throughout the weekend, there were a few times that the clouds would be just right and I’d get enough coverage to download email or FB comments on my phone.  Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with me.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a post get more private messages than Coming to Terms with “Almost”.  Many of the stories were from other families who experienced surgical NEC.  As is the case with this disease that takes the lives of about 50% of those who get it, some of the children made it and many others did not.  Just as so many of you said to me, thank you for sharing, it means so much to meet others who have been through similar experiences.  I am honored to know your child’s story.

If you want to share your story, feel free to leave a comment or send me a private message.

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3 thoughts on “How Was It?

  1. It was so nice seeing those two on the outside of the glass box looking in, rather than the other way around. Who would have thought an aquarium date were in their future…

    • I thought the same thing when I looked back at these pictures, Bre. So fitting. it was wonderful seeing you two. Keep me on your calendar for labor day-ish mom’s night out.

  2. I am really glad to hear that you did so well on this dreaded anniversary! I hope your process of healing will continue!

    That picture of Owen and you in bed is soo cute!

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