Heroes of the Month: Barb & Nancy (Early Intervention)

Owen’s a pretty popular guy and he has some, much appreciated, fans, but I’m not sure he has many fans bigger than his Early Childhood Special Education team; Teacher, Barb, and Physical Therapist, Nancy.

Barb visits our home weekly and Nancy joins her every-other-week.  They always come with a smile and can’t wait to see, first hand, what Owen is doing.  They are both regular readers of the blog, so they know exactly what’s going on before they arrive and they often come bearing tools to help Owen with his next steps.  And get this, when Owen spent so much time in the hospital last spring, they would drive across town to visit him at the hospital.  They’d bring me a delicious lunch and if Owen was up to it, we’d pull down his PT mat and work with him.  One time, when Owen wasn’t feeling well enough, Barb just sat and held him.  Because they come to the hospital, they’ve met his doctors and were able to understand, first hand, how he was doing.  The hospital staff was shocked to learn they were from his ECSE team, everyone said they’ve never seen another child visited by Early Intervention.

It means so much to me that Barb and Nancy show that they truly want to be working with Owen. Even more important, Owen seems to know it too.  He performs for them no matter how he is feeling.  Their smiles and cheers urge him on and I don’t think there has been a visit that he didn’t show off some sort of new skill.  The first time he crawled – Barb was here.  She actually recognized it before I did.  I had pulled him away from his Leap Frog table and he crawled straight back to it.  Barb started cheering and I was like, “what, what happened?”  That afternoon, when Owen started crawling at greater distances and I got it on video, I emailed it.  Nancy told me at the next visit that she was in a room of 30 people and started cheering out loud when she received it.  Maybe a little embarrassing for her, but a true testament to her enthusiasm for her work and clients, like Owen.  (If it makes you feel better, Nancy, Grandpa Mike was at a conference and someone was up speaking when he started yelling at the same video)

I feel lucky, because I’ve heard mixed reviews from other preemie families on their use of Early Intervention programs.  I can’t say enough good things about the Hopkins School District’s ECSE program, and specifically about Barb and Nancy.  Owen didn’t start having regular out-patient therapy until late this summer – nearly all of his development has been coached by the school district and he’s beating expectation after expectation.

These interactions are the foundation of education for Owen and he’s already loving “school”.  What more can a parent ask for?  My kids don’t attend the schools for another couple of years, but this is already a proud Royals family.

Thank you Barb and Nancy for being so wonderful at what you do and for your constant encouragement to both Owen and me.

Standing in PT with Early Intervention

Owen doing his first standing for Early Intervention Physical Therapist, Nancy (April 2012)…Notice, this picture was taken during a hospital visit.


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  1. EI has been the best thing to happen for us. Our team from Bloomington is great!!! We see them once a month and every time they see Leo, he is making progress. When we get stuck, they give us great ideas on how to challenge Leo. We would be lost without them.

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