Helmet Update

Owen had, what is expected to be, his second to last helmet appointment this morning.   He will wear his helmet for another 3-4 weeks and then go back one last time which should be a farewell appointment.  I was told today that if Owen starts getting out of it between now and his last appointment again, then we can just be done.

Here’s a picture of Owen’s head mold from December when he first got his helmet.  You will notice there is no symmetry in Owen’s head shape at this point.  Left/Back is completely flat – there is almost a hard edge on the left side.

Today, Owen’s head is not perfectly symmetrical, but it’s much improved – see for yourself.

There is still a little flatness on the top portion of the left/back, but it’s looking within the range of normal.  Also, as Owen’s head continues to grow it will continue to improve.  Especially now that he’s spending less time on his back.  For quite a while he’s been sleeping on his side, but over the last several weeks he’s been flipping himself to his belly to sleep which will help keep the pressure off his head.

We could stop with the helmet today, but it doesn’t bother him too much and I figure if it’s still helping a little without causing too much heartache, it’s worth it.  It’ll be a big day when it’s officially off, but I’ve learned with Owen, there’s not point rushing things.

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