Hello, Little Boy

Dear Kellen,

Your chubby cheeks are thinning.  Your frame is becoming lanky.

Your words are suddenly grown up and your negotiations skills have you destined for success.

“Mommy, look at this nice book…would you like to read it to me?”

You know your numbers and many of your letters and you have strong opinions on…well…everything (sorry, you got a double hit from your parents on opinions).

You’re a proud big brother who, every morning, crawls into Owen’s crib to give him some snuggles.  You patiently explain his scars and g-tube to your friends and intuitively understand that he’s not like most babies.

You help me bake and steam the floors.  Every week, just behind your dad, you roll a garbage can down to the end of the long driveway.  You rake and mow and often sweep the garage to surprise him when he comes home.

You’re learning your Independence – even bragging that you play “weapons” on the playground (no playing weapons in mommy’s house!) and constantly testing us on words you can say.

“Why can’t I say, ‘Oh God’ if God isn’t a bad word?”

You keep getting bigger and growing in every way.  Thank goodness I still get my cuddles, please don’t take those away too soon!

“Mommy, I will sleep in your bed so when you come to sleep, we can cuddle real good”

I’ve already said goodbye to you as a baby, and now a toddler too.

Hello, little boy (with the always dirty face).  I love you.

And remember,

I’ll love your forever.  I’ll like for always.  As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be. – Robert Munsch

© Copyright Tatum, All rights Reserved. Written For: Ain't No Roller Coaster

5 thoughts on “Hello, Little Boy

  1. Kellen will cherish this letter forever, just as I still cherish/read the notes and letters you wrote me, when you were young and just establishing your writing flair. You never cease to amaze me.

  2. What a sweet letter. They grow up so very fast! Cherrish every moment to snuggle real good and read those books every chance you can get. It scares me to think I have 5 short years and both if mine will be off to college. I think we shall snuggle tonight!

  3. Hi Tatum – I lost track of your blog for a little while and stumbled upon it again today. It is so great to see the pictures of your family. I am glad to hear how well Owen is doing and wow, Kellen looks like such a big boy! I loved this post because as you can imagine I am feeling the same way about Ben (including trying hard to still get my snuggles). We have baby #2 on the way very soon (I am 39 wks today) so things are about to change again for us! All the best to you guys!

    • Laura, it’s wonderful to hear from you! How is Kellen’s first best friend? I bet he’ll make a great big brother – Congratulations to you all, please send a picture my way when the new baby arrives!

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