With only the smallest hint of exaggeration, there were days that it seemed June 1st would never come. The life of a the reclusive family is finally over, even if just for a short time. For the summer months, due to the lower risk of cold and flu we are able to take Owen out more frequently. We have certainly made the most of his first week of Freedom.

  • Tuesday Owen and I drove down to La Crosse to watch my niece play in her first basketball game in over a year. Summer league games don’t have as many spectators, so the crowd noise was manageable but the first couple whistles and buzzers were tear producing for Owen. In all, I thought he did really well – Owen was fascinated by the lights and watching the girls on the court. Whittni sat with us during the game while Hannah played and Thad coached. After the game we went to dinner, another first for Owen. His first in a restaurant.
  • Friday night we had our first family dinner out. We got a picture of all of us, but it somehow wasn’t on the camera when we all got home. You can at least take a look at the smiley faces in pairs. Owen was very smiley and Kellen was really excited to eat in the restaurant.

    Kyle and Kellen at Dinner

    Tatum and Owen at Dinner


  • Saturday Owen attended his first birthday party. He helped celebrate twins Nathan and Saron with a belated first birthday party. They were born just a few weeks after Owen and Saron didn’t go home until a few days after Owen, so we got to know their parents well. Unfortunately the twins took turns napping so we only were able to get a picture of the two boys. Sweet story; when we put them next to each other, Nathan turned his head and kissed Owen on the cheek. Adorable!

    Owen and Nathan at Nathan's Birthday Party

  • Saturday night we hosted our first dinner party with friends in what seems like forever. Before Owen, we hosted frequently so it felt comfortable to be doing something like we used to do and it was nice catching up with friends Sara and Jim who we don’t get to see very often. They endeared themselves to me even further by bringing my favorite dessert of all time – tres leches! I’m enjoying the last piece as I type.
  • Sunday, Owen got to join Kellen and I on a play date at the park. Kellen had fun running around with Jackson and Owen soaked in the outdoors while Nicole and I caught up for the first time in a year and a half. We found a shaded part of the park near the lake with a nice breeze so it was perfect conditions on an otherwise sweltering day

    Kellen playing with friend Jackson in the park

Besides freedom to roam, Owen also had a couple doctors appointments that resulted in more freedoms. Thursday we had appointments with Audiology and Infectious Disease. For his hearing screen, Owen was very accommodating and allowed her to get both ears tested in one appointment (first time ever) and he passed with flying colors for each. Based on how well he did, we now only have to have Owen’s hearing checked every six months instead of every three. Infectious Disease had even better news; Owen’s graduated from them. They said they feel that CMV should no longer be an acute concern for Owen and now it’s just focusing on all his therapies to overcome the damage CMV has done.

In all a very good week! Thanks to Joey, Simon and Piper for letting Kellen join the end of school picnic on Thursday. He had so much fun and wanted to go back to “Simon’s and Piper’s Park” all weekend.

One last form of freedom that I must mention. May was the third month in Owen’s life that he spent NO nights in the hospital. So that makes November, December and May the only months he wasn’t hospitalized. I’m really thankful for the new Asthma Action plan that he got in April because I do think that the Memorial Day cold would have hospitalized him had we not started on steroids so quickly. I almost don’t want to say it for fear of jinxing us, but I’m feeling bold – if Owen can make it to July 22 without going back in the hospital, we will have finally hit the point that he’s spent half of his nights at home. Fingers crossed.

Here’s to hoping this week is nearly as good as last. We hope you all had a good week too.

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4 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. Kellan could not be any cuter:) He looks so happy and you look fabulous! Hope you are well and we can make lunch work one of these days!

  2. Hi to all ~ Such good news. The pictures all show a happy and healthy family. We’re sorry that we missed meeting Owen at the lake, but maybe you’ll come north again and soon. It sounds like he’s making the transition to the social world with flying colors!
    We enjoy the updates so keep us posted. Love,
    Uncle Jerry and Auntie Bev

  3. So glad you are getting the chance to go outside and are having such a good time. Your smiles are all extra bright! Such good news from the docs too. Great start to the summer! Love and miss you all!

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