First Colds of the Season

A bit like clockwork, we started our first official week on cold and flu season lock down with colds. Both Kellen and Owen have hacking coughs and draining noses. Kellen’s had almost no effect, just required some extra tissues and hand washing. Owen’s been hit a little harder, but (knock on wood) he’s seems to be weathering it pretty well – I’ve upped his oxygen a little, stopped his oxygen breaks and am giving him a few nebs a day, so nothing major in the world of Owen. Thursday and Friday seemed to be the peak days, so hopefully he’s on his way to better soon.

I was also sick on Friday and, still a little, on Saturday but it seemed different than what the boys have. I was achy, sore throat and headache. With Owen and I both needing some extra rest that day, I didn’t post but I have some really amazing people who I want to write about for our Heroes of the Month, so you’ll see that post on Wednesday.

Kellen had extra special day with Grandpa Corky on Saturday. He helped him supervise some Bobcat work at Grandpa’s house. They also managed to polish off nearly a whole bag of Halloween Oreos between the two of them. If you ever wondered if there was such thing as a sugar drunk, there is. We also learned that, like the other type of drunk, sugar drunks result in some crabby hangovers the next morning.

Fortunately, we got our normal child back before noon or that would have been a long afternoon for this mom who already had to watch her football team blow a big lead while Kyle was at the Vikings game… that game also didn’t go my way.

And now for the real reason, you check out the blog on Mondays – Pictures!

Kellen and I like to bake in the afternoon. We made cupcakes this week.

Enjoying our last day of 80 degrees. Owen figuring out that this toy is just his size.

The best part about nice days, laying on a blanket with the kids

Do I look good in this yogurt?

The cookie bandits

Note the Oreo evidence










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2 thoughts on “First Colds of the Season

  1. I love the pictures. I know Corky had a wonderful day with Kellen and it was so nice that you all got to spend some time together. When he told me about the Oreos I had one thought: Poor Tatum (sugar high followed by crash

    Grandpa is a soft touch and also has a sweet tooth himself. Not necessarily a good combination but not horrible if not indulged too often.

    I love the yogurt pic of Owen. Messy face pictures are so much fun but in his case it’s messy all over. Love it.

    Hope to be up in a couple weeks. Taking a girls weekend. Badly needed. Will get flu shot before so hopefully can at least come visit for a bit.

  2. Certainly no harm in the occasional sugar overdose. We look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks. Give your kids hugs from us.

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