Do you ever just sit back and be amazed at your kids?

Their ability to smile wholeheartedly.

20121213-125647.jpg 20121213-125101.jpg

Their ability to find pleasure in nature.

20121213-124116.jpg 20121213-125619.jpg

Their inquisitiveness.

20121213-130024.jpg 20121213-124619.jpg

Their determination.

20121213-125510.jpg 20121213-125144.jpg

Their pride in their accomplishments.

20121213-124211.jpg 20121213-123943.jpg

Their ability to love.

20121213-125321.jpg 20121213-124721.jpg 20121213-125355.jpg

Their peace.

20121213-124829.jpg 20121213-124507.jpg

How far they have come.

Kellen and Owen birthdays

ANRC is about healing.  Part of healing is admitting that life can be hard and this blog does a lot of that.  However, the most important part of healing is knowing that hard is not the same as bad.

miracleLife is good.


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11 thoughts on “Amazed

  1. So beautiful. And so true. (But I do have to say my favorite are those impish little eyes Owen has in some of those pictures. I can almost hear him shouting, “MOMMY! WATCH THIS!”)

  2. Tatum, this was just wonderful! Such pictures . . . Had to grin seeing the two football fans, one Viking and, of course the Little Packer Backer! Your blogs are some of the favorite readings of my day.

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