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I’m still fearing the wrath of the proverbial dropping of the other shoe – but I did it.  I took what in my mind is the biggest risk imaginable.

That’s right.  Owen went on a plane – two actually, a round trip.  (Albeit very well sanitized sections of the planes…thanks to one over zealous mother with the sanitizing spray.  No names mentioned, of course…just some crazy blogger who might be known as the hand washing nazi…no wait…nazi sounds negative…princess…Hand Washing Princess…I kind of like that)

I was solo-parenting for these flights with the two boys.  The flight there was hectic, but exceeded my expectations.  The flight home…well, the only surprise was which child was the cause of my desperate need for a mommy time out tonight.

Don’t let the sweet innocent picture fool you.  This picture represents the last five minutes of the flight.  The other 55 minutes?  Owen was N-A-U-G-H-T-Y!.

This was my first time witnessing a completely wound up Owen for an extended period of time.  He yelled at me, he gave me dirty looks, he arched his back, kick, screamed…you know, typical two-year old on a flight stuff.  I have to admit the entire time he was being incredibly naughty, it took all I had to stifle my laughter.  He has the cognition to be crafty and so emphatically sure of what he wants, the voice to be heard by every.  other.  person on the plane, the fine motor skills to hit the flight attendant button, the gross motor skills to climb everywhere, kick the seat ahead of him and simultaneously hold my hand away from the window while pulling down the window shade with a BANG (repeatedly.  repeatedly.  yes, a few more repeats) and the interest and ability to take several sips of my coke.

Ohh…and he was healthy enough to be on a plane. (Do NOT drop other shoe, please!  I’m begging you. I’m pretty sure we had about 50 other shoes drop in the first year alone…we’re really good on shoes dropping).

What had us on the flight?  A trip to Grandma and Grandpas!  We had a good time.

Our Pretty, Pretty Princess who lives with Grandma and Grandpa due to Owen’s allergies.


Kellen liked this plane because it looks a little like Dusty from the Planes movie.

DSC_1804 DSC_1793 DSC_1767 DSC_1717 DSC_1703

And now, I’m really tired and must go to bed in my own bed with no kids sleeping in the room and Kyle doing all the bedtime rituals.

I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow…the office is the perfect vacation from a vacation.

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7 thoughts on “World Travelers

  1. Princess? Stop selling yourself short…”Queen” is far more appropriate. And now you deserve to be treated like one after flying solo with two boys–one with the “firey” personality to match those adorable reddish orange curls of his.

    On a different note…It sounds like you’re enjoying the new job. I’m excited for you. And I totally get how work can serve as a needed vacation.

  2. Congrats for this big step! We also loaded our 20 month old (26 weeker) on to his first airplane ride three weeks ago. My husband had a conference in Hawaii (been on the calendar for the past two years) and we could not pass up the chance to go. Of course, this meant six different airplanes. I stepped onto the airplane with my son and just about had a panic attack. I looked at all of “those people” ie: any stranger who could make him sick and hugged him closer to me. We survived all six flights (round trip) with very little consequence. I also worried about the other shoe dropping and that I might live to regret the decision to take him. But, ten days later, no illness or consequence!

  3. You are brave! I’m so glad it worked out and love that Owen’s mastering some mad skillz because yay that mean’s he’s feeling well and making more progress! The photos are fantastic. I especially love the kites one. So glad you had a good time at grandma and grandpa’s and yes. The office is a nice vacation from a vacation!

  4. Allie saw the pic of Kellan in the pool and wanted to know why she wasn’t invited 🙂 Our first flight with Allie some lady in the next row made the mistake of giving her a lollipop. Allie talked her ear off the entire time.

    Last fall we went to FLA with the girls. I was panicked with Boo. Got three letters from her doctors explaining her “issues”. One of them offered me Xanax (which I did not take, wine is my preferred medication). Boo of course, amazed me.

    But I was still a wreck.

    So you have my upmost admiration and HOLY CRAP she is brave award for traveling with both boys on your own. You go girl!

    Have fun at work 🙂

  5. Oh, Tatum, I am so with you on this one! We’re headed back to the states next week, which means a very LONG flight from Kuwait back to Chicago. Luckily, Liam is an excellent traveler, but it is NO fun doing catheters and changing an almost 4 year old’s diaper in those teeny-tiny little bathrooms. It’s a two-person job, so thankfully my husband will be with us.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Brigid – I hope this doesn’t sound like fuel to the fire, but that’s a LONG flight for sure. Good luck – I hope it goes as smoothly as possible. Is it at least direct? Okay, one tiny giggle…how on earth do you, Liam AND your husband fit in those teeny bathrooms? Acrobatics?

      • LOL. We can’t shut the bathroom door because Liam’s legs are too long, so my husband just stands in the doorway hanging on to Liam’s legs, and trying to keep him up on the changing table, while I try to do the rest. And, of course, Liam screams the entire time, which I would, too, if I were him. It’s all very dramatic. 🙂

        We fly from Kuwait to Germany and then from Germany to Chicago, so we basically have two-eight hour flights, which really isn’t so bad. We tend to try and schedule our flights during Liam’s bedtime, so sometimes we get lucky and he sleeps through most of it. Fingers crossed.


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