Why I Hire Real Photographers

This time of year getting the mail is one of my favorite times of the day.  I really love Christmas cards.  I didn’t grow up celebrating the holidays, so there is not a lot of nostalgia in them for me – but holiday cards are a favorite.  I love getting the pictures and letters in the mail.  I also take pride in finding a great card to represent our year that I can send out to our friends and family.

This year I had a $50 coupon to use at Pear Tree if I ordered by November 15.  In my typical procrastinater style, I didn’t think about pictures until November 14.  It was too late to get someone, so it was going to have to be me.  The weather was just warm enough to not need jackets (it was cold) and Grandma Sandy was in town, so I knew she’d be a much more willing partner in the shenanigans of getting a cute picture than Kyle would so we sprang into action – with about 1/2 hour before the sun was gone.

If you’ve been reading ANRC for more than a week, I don’t need to tell you that I don’t have the gift for photography.  I’d like to blame my equipment, but I see amazing iPhone pictures on instagram all the time, so I guess it’s me.  My real camera quality is only slightly better than the iPhone, but I decided to use it.  I almost never use the camera because it has the longest delay between pushing the button and actually snapping the picture, but I wanted the “best” quality so went with it.

I’m not sure if it was the end of the day antsy-ness or just that they were trying to keep warm, but neither boy was a very willing participant in their mom and grandma’s photo shoot.  I’m sure my nagging begging wasn’t very motivating “sit still.  Okay, smile.  No, a nice smile.  Kellen, get back here.  Owen, please stop crying.  No, no, no, a really loooong kiss on the cheek”.

I kid you not, by the end I had to give myself a time out (which didn’t feel like much of a time out with Kellen banging and yelling, “mom, mom, mom” on the other side door that I was leaning against).

Here’s why:

2012-11-13 15.41.09 2012-11-13 15.40.11 2012-11-13 15.40.09 2012-11-13 15.58.23 2012-11-13 15.42.55 2012-11-13 15.45.27 2012-11-13 15.45.24 2012-11-13 15.57.53 2012-11-13 15.39.38 2012-11-13 15.39.51

After my self designated time out and a glass of wine with dinner, I was able to laugh at these pictures.  But next year, I’m really going to try to not procrastinate that photographer.  In the end we scrapped together a pretty cute card – if you look close Kellen is growing a tree from his head and Owen’s not showcasing his signature smile, but Grandma and I will always look back at this card and laugh until we cry.

xmas cardCard Photography by Laura, who is creative and has some of the cutest pictures of her preemie X.

(Dear Santa, if you ever want to splurge – a high quality, idiot proof DSLR would be awesome.  It must have instant click.  I realize that it won’t, in anyway, make me a good photographer, but I might get lucky slightly more frequently).

By the way, here’s what lucky looks like.

2012-11-13 15.54.54

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