I needed to sit and type a post just to catch my breath.  I realize I’ve not been very prolific with the post quantity lately.  Life’s been pretty crazy getting ready to go back to work.  We were so lucky to find a great nanny quickly and easily.  Even still, there is a lot of work getting your life packaged in such a way that someone else can take over big chunks of it.

On top of all of the work it’s taken to get myself set up to work and her set up to work, Kyle had a really heavy stretch of traveling so I was single parenting much of it.  Quick FB updates on my personal page have been about all I’ve been able to do lately – so here’s a quick snippet of what it’s looked like.

There’s been a bit of a poop theme.

20130801-130625.jpg 20130801-130511.jpg 20130801-130504.jpg


The boys both started swim lessons and Kellen has finished floor hockey and ice skating.  We had one week of over lap, so on Tuesday they had swim lessons and then we raced to floor hockey.  On Thursday it was ice skating first…the swim suits didn’t get dry from washing before we had to leave the house.


Owen has decide only one blanket matters.  The blanket’s name is Monkey.  After a few thwarted attempts at washing Monkey, I went on a search for a Monkey II.  One of Owen’s NICU nurses and a fellow preemie dad on Instagram found it on Ebay.



Unfortunately, Owen knows Monkey a little too well.

20130801-130539.jpgI’ve got some new artwork that I Love, LOVE, LOVE for the blog.  Check out the artist, Jason, a high school classmate of mine, on Facebook.


Life imitated art, Owen had his first trip to the Mall of America for rides.  He’s a dare-devil and thought the faster rides were better than the slower ones.  I know you’re not surprised.

20130801-130611.jpgThe weather has been perfect lately, so we’ve had quite a bit of time at the park.

20130801-130520.jpgWe even got a play date with NICU friend, Isaiah, at the new Amplatz Chidren’s Hospital Playground.  Owen had just finished his hearing test.  The doctor was thrilled that he’s still showing no signs of hearing loss.  Typically, she starts to see issues by now, if it’s going to happen.  (fingers crossed…Owen says, “take that, CMV”).



In total, I think you could say I’m pretty tired.



But really, we’re totally keeping it together…



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7 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. Love the post! Thanks for keeping us updated during your crazy summer journey. It’s nice to have someone to relate to!! 🙂

    On another note would you
    Mind sharing your search for a nanny/sitter. I am not having as good of luck as you…and not to mention I’m TERRIFIED!!!
    Trying to keep it together during the nanny search,

    • Hi Ashley, I have to confess, we just got lucky on our Nanny search. I started by emailing each of the boys’ teachers asking them if the had anyone to recommend. And then I also called a woman who used to work at the boys’ school and lives in our neighbor that we run into while on walks. This woman turned out to be open to starting with a new family and she has a lot of experience with SN kids. I love that we got someone who is close by and the teachers at the school (who we trust) all said good things about her.

  2. These pictures are all great! Sorry for the poop theme in your life lately… Owen’s face in the MOA is priceless. My girl has the same reaction when we go there. Except she has never seen the rides. I don’t know that she would be able to handle the excitement. 🙂

    • That’s funny, Owen’s never seen the rest of the MOA. This was his first visit to the mall in general – hopefully he won’t be back anytime soon, I kind of avoid that place like the plague.

  3. Oh I am so sorry you have had a long week. And I feel bad that I was cracking up. Boo is the queen of the hazmat. She has no regard of time, place or person. And she is quite adept at stinking a room so bad that open windows, frabreeze and 12 hours won’t cure.

    • poop is funny – it’s okay to laugh. i’m not sure the people at the dinner table next to our’s thought it was so funny, but hey, they have a good story to tell too, right?

  4. I love your new artwork! Love! Those FB posts were priceless and awesome the first time around but seeing them all together with your commentary is even better this time. Congrats on finding a new nanny and on your new job. You rock, friend.

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