What No Father Dreams of for Father’s Day

Ask any dad the very last thing he wants to do on Father’s Day and I’m pretty sure family photos would make the list.

I’m not sure if a three hour car ride with two kids who haven’t napped all weekend would fall just behind, or just before family photo shoot on Kyle’s list of worst ways to spend Father’s day…but lucky him, he got both of these treats in on this Father’s Day.


Okay, maybe I’m the lucky one; he did both with, almost, no complaining.

I will agree with him on the car ride.  I’m really starting to think a limo with a noise proof window and a bath tub is the way to go for our next family-mobile.

However.  I LOVE family picture day.  While I absolutely hate getting my picture taken and turn super awkward (or maybe, even more super awkward is a better description) the minute I know a lens is on me, I do love getting the pictures that have been so kindly edited by professional photographers.

Professional photographers have this magical way of only capturing the best of everyone.  Tyson (my second cousin, which admittedly, can be said about most of the people in my hometown, but we really did grow up together) and Tonja of Pichette Photography get pictures like these of my boys.

20130616-222933.jpg 20130616-222942.jpg

And, really, could Kyle have been having a bad time?  He even got to jump on the couch.

How do kids manage to look adorable, and not awkward in action shots?

How do kids manage to look adorable, and not awkward in action shots?

In all seriousness, today’s photo shoot was probably one of the least painful ever.  Owen was on fire with his giggles and smiles for the camera and Kellen kept his goofy faces in relative check.  The weather was perfect and Tonja always seemed to get her shot within a few frames.  Maybe we all felt so at home because we took the pictures on my extended family’s property just across the street from my childhood home.  (Or maybe we bribed the kids.)  I’m not really sure what it was but, based on the sneak peaks that she sent, I can’t wait to see the rest.

Fortunately, Tonja is good to me and is going to do some “modest” touching up of the photos to conceal the evidence of my temper-tantrum on Saturday morning.


The lighting doesn’t show it in it’s full glory of redness.

We were an hour later than I had hoped in getting on the road for our weekend in Wisconsin.  We actually got into the car and a few blocks away and had turn around for something we forgot…TWICE.  By the second time, as I came back to the car, I whipped the car door open with full force.  Me and my big nose were standing in the doors path.  Oh.  My.  God.  It hurt.

Fortunately, the start to the weekend didn’t predict the rest of the weekend.  We went to my hometown for my nieces grad party and decided to get a hotel at the Waterpark Resort.  It was a blast.  The speed of the water slides surprised me.


Kellen was in heaven.


Owen not so much.  He wouldn’t let me put, even, his feet in the water.  He preferred hanging with Grandpa Mike.


Well, honey, I know it wasn’t your dream Father’s Day setting.  Thanks for being a trooper, you really are the world’s greatest farter…I mean father.






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  1. I love that most people give their husbands a golf day and you went with a day of torture. Either way a win! Too funny about Owen and the water. He looks like Boo at any activity that involves sand. Oh and he rocks the blue glasses.

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