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Hello and welcome to our new blog!  CaringBridge was a wonderful resource over the last year, but this new blog gives us much more flexibility.  It’s still a little sterile, but as we get going you’ll see more pictures, the addition of videos and generally shorter but more frequent posts.  If you followed CaringBridge via email, you can still do that here.  Just enter your email in the box provided to the right and click subscribe.  I control all the content, so know that you will not be spammed.  You can also follow Owen’s progress on Facebook.

If seeing the title of the blog has you at all wondering if you ever used the roller coaster analogy to us in the last year and potentially offended me.  Do NOT worry one bit.  First, I don’t specifically remember one person who said it.  More importantly, I’ve always understood it was coming from a place of love and support.  The title is intended to be a tongue in cheek way of saying that sometimes life with a former micro preemie doesn’t fit into one simple analogy.

I’ve been wanting to start a new blog for a few months and thought waiting for Owen’s birthday would be the perfect time.  I never imagined we’d be mid-hospitalization for that time, but that makes the topic of the first entry pretty easy to decide.   And, it’s even better because I’m starting on a good note.

Owen’s had a really good last couple days.  Yesterday morning he came off bi-pap and is doing all of his own breathing again.  He has been able to come down even further since yesterday when he was on 8 liters of pressure and 40% oxygen in the air.  Right now he’s at 6 liters and 25% and all the doctors and nurses have commented on how well he’s turned around.  The plan, if Owen will choose to follow along, is to go to 5 liters this afternoon and 4 liters overnight which would allow us to leave the PICU for a regular care floor sometime tomorrow.  Seeing Owen doing so well at 25% oxygen has me cautiously optimistic.  It’s more inline with what I’ve typically seen from him compared to last month with RSV when he was nearly always above 40% oxygen.

The doctors are clearly trusting Owen more, because they have reinstated his feeds. The stopped feeding him when he came  up to the PICU for two reasons.  1) he was really sick and they wanted him to focus his energy on breathing.  2)  there were fears that he may need intubation (breathing tube down the throat) which is a procedure that requires sedation.  He’s currently on drip feeds that run continuously at a slow rate and he’s getting 1/2 his normal volume.  The rest of his nutrition is supported with IV fluids.  The goal will be to get him back to his full feeds broken into 6 feedings per day – he’s doing well on these feeds so I don’t anticipate any issues.

So, in all, Owen’s been an excellently behaved one year old.  On his birthday when they woke me up to tell me that they were moving him to bi-pap the time of day was not lost on me.  It was 5:15 AM, three minutes before he turned one.

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  1. Welcome Home Owen!! Your picture via grandma Sandy is adorable. You look so happy and we want you to stay that way. We’re so anxious to meet you. Hi to Mom, Dad and Kellen.
    Auntie Bev and Uncle Jerry

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