We Did It!

I’m not going to lie.  The start of the morning was not pretty.  Ours is not a family that wakes up in the 6:00 hour (and it should have been earlier).  Instant crabby times four.  The weather outside was grey, gloomy and less than 30 degrees.  We scrambled to get everything together and on the way to the stadium we realize that we hadn’t brought a coat for Owen.  Traffic was slow as soon as we got near the race and it was getting late, so finally Kellen and I jumped out to get our race packets and Kyle and Owen parked the car.  The wind was blowing like crazy…Kellen’s coat was in the car…so were his gloves.  We got our race packets and about 6 friends we were meeting were texting me their locations.  Each said they were near the gift shop, none of them were with the other.  It seems all 5000 runners were near the gift shop, it was the only warm place to be.  Finally, I found my aunt, uncle and cousin who were going to stay with the boys while we ran.  It was 7:55. The race starts at 8:00.  Kyle calls.  It was noisy. Did I mention there were 5000+ people there and it was freezing?  I thought he said he was at registration.  The 5 of us, go up three flights to registration.  No Kyle and Owen.  I call him again.  Nope, he’s down stairs about 20 feet from where we were standing.  Ughhhh!  We hike back downstairs.  He’s with friends Scott and Joey and their 9-year old twins, Simon and Piper.  Their baby sitter fell through, so Scott was going to stay back with the kids.  It’s 8:05. Kyle and I snarling at each other the whole way, say goodbye to everyone and get to the back of the runners line just as the competitive group starts.  Suddenly Scott comes running out.  Syd and Dana (my aunt and uncle) insisted on watching his kids too.  They took the kids back up to registration where it was warm and clean and they could watch the start of the race.  Scott and Kyle squeezed a little further ahead.  I started all the way in the back next to friend and fellow Amplatz NICU mom, Rebecca and her husband James and their daughter Madilyn.  “I have a lot of aggression to run off”, I explained.  (She knew that without me telling her, my crabby face said it all.)  The people ahead of us started running.  “Oh crap, I’m about to do this.”  I’ve trained once and by trained, I mean we ran to Dairy Queen and back and I walked a good chunk of it.  The morning was so busy I didn’t even have time to get nervous.  I reached the start line and gave Goldy a high-five as I left the anger behind and enjoyed the scenery of the campus I attended for both undergrad and grad school.

I did it.  I slowed to a walk 3 or 4 times, but each time I started running again after about 15-30 seconds.  I was doing this for Owen.  He pushed through much worse, I could push through 3.1 miles.  Kyle did it too.  He never stopped running.  The ending was really cool.  We ran to the back of the Minnesota Gopher Football stadium and entered the field through the tunnel that the players come out of on game day.  From there, we sprinted to the 50 yard line where the finish line stood.  We certainly didn’t set records, but we did decently well considering our (lack of) training.  He ran it in 31 minutes 42 seconds.  I finished in 33 min 9 seconds.

Next was Kellen, Simon, Piper and my cousin Jade’s (10) turn.  They ran the 1/2 mile kids trot.  Kyle joined Kellen and we bundled Owen into his stroller with our coats and blankets and met them at the finish line.  You can see how excited Kellen was at the end of the race.  He ran the whole way.  I thought 1/2 mile seemed pretty long for a 4-year-old, but when he finished Kellen’s first excited words were, “can we do it again?”


Kellen at the finish line, if you look behind them you'll see them on the big screen.

Kellen at the finish line, if you look behind them you’ll see them on the big screen.

In all the morning was a cluster (with a capital F), but it all came together well enough and we had a really enjoyable rest of the morning.  I only wished I would have been better organized to have seen some more of my friends who were running it.  Next year we’ll have a better plan.  Yep, we are already planning to do it again (hopefully with nicer weather).


Note the fresh snow that had to be removed from the field that morning. Brrr!


Our group of runners.  And some better perspective on that 8 inches of snow that fell the day before the run.


Owen didn’t get to do the kids run, he was eight days too young.  However, he works his butt of every day.  Here are some pictures from PT on Friday.

20130414-214354.jpg Toddler in PT

Remember how I mentioned Kellen was ready for more?  After the race, he went to a birthday party where he ran for two straight hours.


And, we’ll end with some Owen personality.


I know this is a little blurry, but that laugh is worth the foggy picture

20130414-214805.jpg20130414-221022.jpgIs it me, or does he look like such a big boy?  Maybe because he will be TWO on Sunday.

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