The day has come and it’s just about gone. Owen is officially two. I stopped doing it a while ago, but even the medical professionals will stop correcting his age now that he’s two. That, of course, doesn’t mean that he’s caught up, or that he won’t continue to close the gap between his abilities and his peers. It does mean he’s reached another birthday. His other two birthdays were in an ICU.

This year, he kept his ICU stay to a short visit to the NICU to drop off cakes for the staff. We also checked off one of the remaining bucket list items but leaving coffee and muffins in the family room (it just so happened that it was even on a snowy day).

Owen helping answer phones at the NICU.  It just so happened that our favorite HUC, Jolene, who now works in another office, was taking a shift on the day we were back.

Owen helping answer phones at the NICU. It just so happened that our favorite HUC, Jolene, who now works in another office, was taking a shift on the day we were back.

From the NICU, we went over to the eye clinic for his three-month check up. Owen got a birthday surprise from Dr. Anderson who has been following him since he was in the NICU. I thought we’d be talking about eye surgery to fix his eye crossing. Instead, Owen was given a prescription for glasses! In the past, even three months ago, his vision was good. However, he is now far-sighted. Also, his crossing continues to improve, so there is some hope that the glasses may correct the last of his crossing and he may not need surgery in the future. If that happens, it’d be wonderful to keep surgery number 8 at bay.

Saturday we had a small party for Owen. He had a great time watching the bigger kids play and crawled around giving his hellos. Since Owen is not eating right now, we decided to shower him with bubbles after singing happy birthday. We still served cupcakes (super hero themed) to guests, but wanted the birthday wishes to be about Owen and bubbles are a favorite (he even said “bubbles” in EI last week).

Here are some pictures of the fun day!



















We put glasses in the party favors in honor of Owen’s glasses wearing future.

20130421-120616.jpg 20130421-121142.jpg

My Favorite Picture of the Day20130421-121106.jpg

Sunday, we spent the day together as a family.  Owen and Kellen played with the birthday presents.  Here is video of Owen walking with his new walker from Grandpa Corky and Grandma Cheryl.

Sunday ended with Owen trying to flex two-year-old temper tantrum muscles at bedtime.  He didn’t want to lay in his crib, he wanted to lay on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds.  Sorry buddy, you’re getting to be a big boy, but you’re not that big yet.

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9 thoughts on “Two!

  1. Happy birthday, Owen. What a great day for you all. It looks like you had so much fun. Mr Boo developed a squint at 5 months old. We finally saw an ophthalmologist 7 months later (good old NHS) and if turns out he is very long-sighted. His glasses should be ready this week. Hopefully no surgery for him and I think it might make a huge difference to how he plays with things.

    Well done, Owen! Lovely post!

  2. Happy Birthday Owen!

    I love all the pics and I think bubbles were a wonderful way to celebrate him. I love the glasses too for his soon to be glasses.

    Addison just had the eye surgery and will probably have the glasses for another year, but we have seen great improvement.

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