Together as a family when we celebrate Owen’s corrected Birthday.

It’s really amazing to think just how early Owen was when you realize he’s just now supposed to be turning one. August 6th was his due date and is the age that he is considered for medical and developmental evaluation. He was born 107 days early – out of 280 days in a full pregnancy. Instead of being born in the heat of the summer, Owen came just a few days before a snowy Easter. I still shake my head and wonder at our little man, he and his NICU friends are true miracles. And now, he’s a toddler!

A miracle on a much smaller scale, is everyone will be home this week. Kyle traveled for work, again, last week. If you’re keeping score, that’s four to five days of travel for each of the last three weeks. Admittedly it’s made for over tired parents and an emotional 3.5 year old. It’s nice to have him home, especially knowing that he’s not getting on an airplane on Monday or any day this coming week.

Relative to most of the weeks this summer, this last one was pretty quiet. With the canceled trip to Tomah we didn’t have a lot planned, so we spent much of the week watching the Olympics. Kellen loves watching the Olympics at night. He is only up until 8:00P so Diving and Volleyball are the two sports that he gets to see most. He is fascinated with the Diving and had fun chanting, “U-S-A”, U-S-A!”. He also participated in his class’ Olympic games. He did great on the scooter and bike races and loves to show me how well he can do a somersault – even has a little air. He won a medal and showed it off for me with some fist pumping in this picture below.

Owen hasn’t had quite as much energy with his cold, but he is still working really hard and could do some fist pumping of his own. Thursday he went to his gross motor skills evaluation at Gillette. The first part of the evaluation is questions for me and so Kellen and Owen played on the mat while the therapist and I chatted. During that time Owen rolled in all directions, got up on his hands and knees and covered every inch of the mat in one fashion or another. It made for a quick evaluation since she saw how well he was doing. The official test put Owen at 6-7 month old abilities. He is 12 months corrected (Today!!). His therapist did say that she thinks he should truly get more credit for mobility because he is very mobile on his back, but since he’s not doing it in the crawling position the test doesn’t count it. He’s going to start weekly visits at Gillette for the next month and then he’ll go every other week. The big focus area will be working on transitioning from sitting to standing and from laying on the floor to sitting. They will also start working on stretches for his ankles. She felt Owen was starting to come up on his toes when standing and said he’ll likely temporarily need braces to help him keep his heels down as he learns to walk. Overall she was thrilled with where he is – the last time the evaluating therapist saw Owen was in December when she evaluated him for Torticollis and she couldn’t believe how much he’s improved, especially given the difficult Winter/Spring that he had.

Health wise, Owen still has me a little nervous. He’s in good spirits but the cough is pretty wicked and he finished his five day course Prednisone on Sunday. Monday morning I will put a call into his Pulmonary doctor to see if she wants us to “wait and see” or use any other interventions to help him through the congestion and cough. Fingers crossed – it’s never been good when he’s still this congested after finishing his steroid course. Hopefully all those inches he’s been gaining in height means his lungs are that much stronger to withstand the illness better than in the past.

Here are some pictures of our two characters this week.

Look Mom, no cannualas! (mom didn’t find this as funny)

Kellen and I made Special K bars this week – he saved some chocolate for later.

Kellen and Owen were laughing in bed, but the camera flash gave Owen a fright. Is it mean that this picture makes me laugh?

Owen’s doing really well with his standing against the leap frog table!

Here he is sitting on a bench while he plays with his leap frog table.

Side view of the bench

I love that these two are starting to be able to play together.

Kellen’s been choosing “rest” over naps for several days in a row. It all caught up to him around 6:00P Sunday. I don’t remember the last time he fell asleep in my arms – pretty sweet.

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4 thoughts on “Together as a family when we celebrate Owen’s corrected Birthday.

  1. Happy adjusted birthday, Owen!! That pictures of his “scared” face made me laugh out loud, our little guy does the same thing with the camera flash, poor fellows. Hope Owen feels better soon!!

  2. Happy corrected birthday,have just found your blog.
    My little girl was 2 corrected on 3 Aug,seems like a long time since her birthday in May!
    It is amazing how far they have come.

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