The truth behind happy tears

Sometimes, it’s the happiest moments that remind you what you’ve been through.  In many ways, that’s a good thing, right?  You really take a moment to take stock in what’s been overcome and celebrate progress.

At the same time, that taking stock in what’s been overcome is bitter-sweet.  Sometimes it’s easier to not focus on what’s been overcome, because damn, really thinking about what has been overcome is downright overwhelming.  Literally, I’m not sure how Owen survived.  Figuratively, I’m not sure how the rest of us survived.  The what ifs, they piled and piled and piled up and felt like the weight of the world.

Today Owen kicked one of those weights to the moon.

Today are happy tears.  Amazing tears.

I’m kind of a wreck.  I wish I was there to have witnessed it myself, but am so happy that his teachers got it on film. I have work to do, but I can’t stop hitting replay.  I can’t stop the tears from coming…because really, it’s a deep exhale of a breath I kind of forgot that I was holding for these last two and a half years.

He was too tired tonight to show me much in person.  He gets tired with walking, but he can do it.  He can do it.


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11 thoughts on “The truth behind happy tears

  1. Well this is just a wonderful way to end my day, watching Owen walk. And such a determined, fast little walker he is . . . Watch out world, he’s on his way. Kellen, guard your trucks! And thank God for video . . .

  2. This was by far the best way to end my night! So amazing!! Your love, support and faith in Owen helped him to accomplish this goal today!! So proud of Owen and Mommy 🙂

  3. OMG OMG! Was just chatting with Gma Sue the other day about Owen walking. He was motoring and looks like he is ready to run. Watch out world Owen’s on the move. Owen is a truely remarkable little guy and I believe has and WILL accomplish greatness in his future. Next will be eating. Congratulations Owie so excited for you.

  4. He’s been so close and finally away he goes!! Can’t wait until I see him again to witness in person. I am so very excited and happy for the entire family. Proud moment.

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