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When I started this blog on April 23, 2012, I had no plan or know how.  I only had an overwhelming urge to write and share our story.  I had a strong desire for people to really understand Owen’s life as a former micro preemie.  I needed people to see that just because he was out of the hospital that we weren’t done.  I also wanted them to know that the rest of the family was healing too.  In that first year, I felt my life revolved entirely around Owen.  Through ANRC, I was looking for a place to fit the rest of us back into the picture.

What I got was so much more.  ANRC quickly became a place where a small but loyal following of friends, family and fellow preemie families came together as a community that supports our family and the preemie community as a whole.  Many say that comments are a bloggers crack, and I will agree wholeheartedly.  Comments from readers have often inspired me, challenged my thinking and validated my feelings.

I’ve received notes from people I haven’t seen since Elementary school…seriously, it’s been almost 30 years! (click images to go to original post).


I’ve found support in people I never knew would understand, here’s an example from a friend’s mom.



There have been comments that have made me want to stand up and cheer.



There have been comments of support from more established preemie bloggers.



There have been comments that make me realize that people who aren’t in the preemie community deserve more credit…many really do “get it” (this comment is longer than what I could comfortably get in one viewing, click on the image to read the rest).



Every comment means something to me and is greatly appreciated.  I’m not a person who shares my emotions well in person and writing ANRC has been an important part of my continued celebrating and healing, but it’s the connecting element of this blog that I find to be most beneficial.  Whether you have been in my life forever or just found this blog today, thank you for being part of our support system.

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4 thoughts on “The words you write

  1. Please know how much your story helps others as well. I remember when I was first admitted to the hospital at 22 weeks. I was terrified. Because clearly I was the only person ever to have gone through this! I scoured the web looking for compatriots until doctors took away my Googling privileges.

    Even if I’ve never met the preemies in person – the stories/blogs I’ve found have made me feel really a part of a community. And I’ve grown to care so much about them.

    • So true. Even never having met any of you, it is a great feeling to know everyone is cheering everyone else, and their little miracles, on. And on the other hand, when setbacks occur, it is really nice to know that you have so many “strangers” pulling and supporting and praying. It makes a world of difference!

  2. I was just thinking this morning how lovely it is that you respond to so many of your comments, and that a wonderful community seems to have sprung up around your and others’ blogs. And now you’re writing about it! I’m so happy to have found my way to your voice, and I’ve also started reading many of your commenters’ inspiring preemie blogs as well. I’m so grateful for all that you share.

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