The Weeks Top Ten

It was a busy week and so there is no better way to sum it up than with a top ten list.
  1. A weekday date night: Thanks to Grandma Sue, Kyle and I had an impromptu date to Pineda Tacos and the movie Lincoln. With this moustached man, it was kind of like a blind date. I’m not sure my opinion counts since the only other 2012 movies that I’ve seen are Finding Nemo 3D and The Chipmunks Shipwrecked  but the movie was excellent and Daniel Day Lewis deserves some major nods and wins this award season.
  2. Grandma Sue’s Cinnamon Rolls: Need I say more? Yum. She and Kellen love making “cim-o-nin” rolls together.  Grandma Sue also did all of our laundry and tried to keep ahead of the boys in the mess department.  The only two bad parts are I’m home all day with a pan full of cinnamon rolls and Grandma had to fly back to AZ this weekend.  I’m sure Cyrus (our kitty that went to live with Grandma due to Owen’s allergies) welcomed her back yesterday.
  3. Kellen’s First Field Trip: The indoor playground was about 3 stories of climbing and Kellen traversed every inch of it, but even better was the school bus ride. I couldn’t get pictures with any of the other kids due to obvious school rules, so here’s a close in of just Kellen and I on the school bus ride. I was one of the parent volunteers and I say all ECE teachers deserve a RAISE!  The kids were really well-behaved but that’s a lot of shoes to keep track of.
  4. First Christmas Presents: The boys received some early Christmas presents this weekend when Aunt Syd, Uncle Dana and Jade came for a visit. Kellen’s becoming a mini golf pro and Owen loves watching his car fly down the ramp.  Owen gave a gift back and fell asleep cuddled in Aunt Syd’s arms – not something he does too often for any of us.
  5. Jadie-Bug: Oh Kellen loves, loves, loves his Jadie-Bug. He was such a good boy with his second cousin that he was able to stay up until 11:00 Saturday night. Made for a rough Sunday morning, but he was better after napping.
  6. Ron Burgundy stopped by for a visit:
  7. Or maybe it was Captain Kangaroo (who suddenly needs glasses) that was here?

  8. Hey, Captain Burgundy, the rest of us can look silly too.  Owen’s face is just too much, I can’t stop laughing!  
  9. First Girlfriends:  Friends Marc, Megan and 11-month-old Aubrey were in town and stopped to watch the Packers vs. Vikings game with us.  It was nice to have another Packer fan (Marc) and Megan is really nice so I overlook that she’s a Bears fan.  Aubrey and Owen weren’t so interested in the game, but they were fans of each other (note the hand holding).
  10. Fortunately, this clean-shaven man, made a reappearance:  With the light in the   background, it was almost like I woke up to an angel for my morning kiss (I’ll let those of you who have never met him, believe that).

Hey Grandma Sue, how did we manage to get ZERO pictures of you and Owen? You better catch the next flight back!











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