The Weather Outside is Frightful

You’ll know I’m a true Minnesotan (transplant – but Wisconsin is just as guilty) because I’m starting off with a weather update.

I’m not sure of the official totals, but it snowed for 24 straight hours and we got well over a foot at our house.  Since I didn’t have to drive anywhere, it was the perfect type of snow.  The first big snow is always exciting (as long as it’s not in October) and the temps were warm enough for the boys to go out and enjoy it. This was Owen’s first year getting to play in snow and he really seemed to enjoy it. Getting bundled up wasn’t his favorite, but once he was out there he giggled at the snow falling in his face and loved being pulled in the sled with, and by, Kellen.

If it’s such a beautiful thing, why is the title of this post about frightful weather?  Because overnight those tolerable temperatures headed east and today we’re going to top out at 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  Brrr!  Fortunately, we don’t have any appointments today.  Owen can stay comfortably at home.

One quick appointment update from last week, Owen graduated from another specialty.  He was officially discharged from the Nephrology (renal/kidney) team for neonatal hypertension (high blood pressure). In August, Owen came off his medication to control his blood pressure and we went back last week just for one last check in and his blood pressures have continued to look great.

Enjoy our snowy pictures:

This picture is from early morning, before it started snowy really heavy.

This was taken at Noon – the halfway point.


Kellen’s started the cheesy smile stage of life…I think it lasts until boys are about 15. Great picture to see just how fast the snow was coming down.


 Breaking News!  We must interrupt this post with an important update.   This just in…Owen just said, “Mama”!!!!!!!  Okay, reports are that it sounded a lot like “Baba” but he touched his moms arm and then said it.  And when she, said, “did you say ‘Mama’?” he smiled in acknowledgement.  Jumping and cheering commenced.  Here is a picture of Owen now as a big boy who says “mama”.

“Hi baba”

Back to regularly scheduled cuteness. 

This picture makes my heart warm – so proud of my boys.


Watching the plow do our driveway for the first of two visits in the 24 hours.


Here is the aftermath. Notice how the trees are all slouching from the weight of the snow. Also, notice the blue sky…blue sky in the winter means COLD.

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7 thoughts on “The Weather Outside is Frightful

  1. As a fellow preemie mama (whose little dude did a L-O-N-G time on 02), I remember my son’s first mama as one of the highlights of my life.
    I’ve just started following your blog. What a wonder–full of the power, hope, humor, love and honesty that we all need. I hope many preemie parents find you and your beautiful boys. Thanks so much for all of your sharing.

    • Thank you! Your blog looks great too. Best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy! You looked beautiful in your shower dress! I’ll be watching and hoping you have lots of bed rest left.

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