The Number Two

After TWO years and TWO weeks, today was my first day as a worker bee.  It’s been a while since my morning wake up wasn’t by one of TWO cute red heads.  I’ll admit, I had to set TWO alarms to get out of bed this morning.  Overall, the day went really well.  No separation tears by anyone.  Fortunately the boys had several short days with me and the nanny together to get them ready.

I hope that the smooth start is a sign of things to come.  Of course, there will be a bump or TWO along the way, but in my gut, the timing feels right.  Speaking of timing…I often say, there is nothing magically about a preemie turning TWO.  And there isn’t.

Tomorrow, August 6, is the TWO year anniversary of Owen’s due date.  Had things worked out perfectly, last weekend we would have celebrated his turning TWO.  He would have been running and jumping, eating cake and laughing and talking in short sentences. We didn’t and he isn’t.  I don’t say that to lament what Owen isn’t doing.  I say it, because clearly…whether you count by the actual or corrected date…nothing magically happened at TWO to turn Owen into a typical TWO year old.

However, for me… this one preemie mom, there was something magical about TWO corrected.  It took TWO years + 112 days (including bed rest) but for the first time in all those days, my day to day life did not revolve around the fact that Owen was a micro preemie.  Today, I was just some marketer with a specific passion for the brand I’m helping build who happens to the mom to TWO amazing boys.

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  1. I’m so happy that the initial transition went well and that you’re now a marketer, doing something amazing for you and still the mom to TWO amazing boys. I can’t wait to hear about how things are going for you!

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