The Food and Animal Allergy Plan

Tuesday is the day the first of the animals, Cyrus, will be leaving our house to move into his next home.  He’s moving to Arizona to live with my mom and step-dad, Slavko.  I know it’ll be a wonderful home for him, but I can’t help but be sad.  As I type he’s laying on my legs and purring, oblivious of the trip he’s about to make in the morning.  I brought him home when he was just 12 weeks old, 9.5 years ago.

Since cursing allergies is all that’s on my mind, I figured this Tuesday Topic should be to update everyone on the allergy appointment from last week.  I’ll be honest, it was one of our few doctor appointments that didn’t go well.  Just not a good vibe with the doctor and he wasn’t very empathetic or patient with our questions, so I think next year we will find a new doctor.  That being said, we did get some valuable information.

  • He feels Owen has much as an 80% chance of outgrowing the wheat allergy in a few years and is not even sure that Owen would have any reaction with Wheat if he ate it.  Wheat is an allergy testing is less predictive than other allergens.  For the next year, we will keep it out of his diet and re-test in a year.  When his medical team feels he’s healthy enough to take a food challenge, that will be the ultimate test.
  • Peanut allergies can be outgrown, but they can also recur and peanuts are one of the more likely to cause anaphylaxis, so peanut allergies are considered a life-long allergen, regardless of testing.  Also, until Owen is older for further testing we are to keep all nuts/tree nuts away.
  • Egg allergies may or may not be outgrown.  Those that outgrow egg allergies tend to do so in early childhood.  Like wheat, Owen will be tested yearly and ultimately be given a food challenge when it’s safe to do so.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary pokes and a lot blood drawn at one time, baby allergy testing only tests for the most likely culprits; Wheat, Soy, Milk, Peanut, Egg, Dust mites and, in cases of animal exposure, animal dander.  As Owen gets older, he will need much more extensive testing and, until then, we are advised to also avoid all fish and shell-fish.
  • We have been prescribed an epi-pen and will keep it with Owen, in case he ever has a severe allergic reaction.  It seems we have one more soap box to lecture about, so here’s my public service announcement:  “Please never feed a small child any foods without asking their parents if it’s okay.  Allergies are very prevalent and can be seriously dangerous”
  • Sadly, his animal test scores were the least clear.  While both cat and dog dander showed to be equally likely allergens, that score only had them as probable and not clinically significant like the foods were.  We feel that even though it’s not crystal clear in the testing,  there has been evidence that is highly suspicious and in Owen’s current place with his lungs, it’s just not worth the risk.  The doctor told us that, on average, it takes 6-10 months before animal allergens are out of the home to a level where allergy sufferers are no longer bothered.  My hope is that we can get most of the problems cleared before we hit the next cold/flu season.  Conservatism is not in my nature, but I really do not want to spend another 43 days in the hospital with respiratory illnesses next season.  We have to give Owen his best chance of healthy lungs.  It’s comforting to know that all the animals have good new homes and two of them will be with grandparents, so we can still see them and always know what they are up to.  Scout is going to my dad and Roxie’s in Springfield, IL.  Cyrus is going to my mom and Slavko’s in Mesa, AZ and Dolce will be hitch hiking with Scout down to Springfield and then will be living with April, who works with my Dad and Roxie.  Thank you everyone who helped us find homes and to those that have stepped up to love them.

Also, thank you to Tom and Lisa Koats.  Tom is flying from MSP to PHX for the sole purpose to deliver Cyrus to his new home.  We wish you smooth travels and thank you for giving your time so generously.  I also pray that the sedative the vet gave works really well and you have no issues enroute!  I’m going to be wreck all afternoon until I know they have uneventfully arrived.

Pics of our other babies

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8 thoughts on “The Food and Animal Allergy Plan

  1. Tatum- I am happy to here that you found good homes for all of your babies:) I am sorry that you have to go through the sadness though, and wish only happiness for you and your family from here on out!

  2. Tatum- I’m tearing up as I read this because I know how heartbroken I’d be if I had to give up my animals. I pray they all have safe travels and quickly get used to their new homes!! Hugs going out to you!!!!

  3. Cyrus was a great flier! He did not make a sound or give any issues to Tom. Tom had a good day trip to Phoenix. We are glad to be able to help. Looking forward to giving you a LisaLu deep clean of your house.

    • Lisa, I’m so glad to hear it and was happy to get your texts when the Kitty bearing Eagle landed. Not sure if I told you, but the vet said he typically prescribes Zoloft which “just takes the edge off” but for Cyrus’ situation he felt he deserved the “good stuff”. I wish I would have had a little of that good stuff! I’m glad Tom’s home and I hope he’s not too sore form a day of flying. We all, especially Owen, say thank you!

  4. My dearest Tatum and Kyle, as I read your story of finding homes for your beloved amimals, I find myself crying outloud. My sister Katherine and I are huge animal lovers but are also family members of yours. We have, along with our families, read Owen’s journals throughout the past year plus. We understand the love for our furry friends and are in anguish along with you all. We totally support and commend your decision but understand the complexity of the decision. They say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle…..I wonder…..As far as the breastfeeding issue, I challenge anyone to take our place while in the middle of trying to make the *perfect* family and do all that is *right* I commend you both and your Ohio connection continues to keep you in our prayers. We so wish you were closer. We love you. Dawne, Katherine and family.xxoxo

    • Thank you Dawne for keeping us connected to all of the Ohio family. We always appreciate your posts and I can’t wait until the day we actually meet in person. xoxo T

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