The Best Problem a Mom Could Have

All week long, I have been out of rhythm.  I didn’t post yesterday because my house looked like a tornado had rumbled through and I felt like I had too many things on my to-do list.  The only problem is my house and list don’t look much better than when the day started AND, I still managed to have a major Mommy Fail by forgetting to take Kellen’s lunch to school.

Seriously, how bad is that?!  He waited at the table while the other kids started eating and after the teacher called and we agreed on a plan, she told Kellen he could walk down with her to pick scavenge some food out of the kitchen.  Kellen calmly said, “no, my mom’s bringing my lunch”.  Ahhhh, just stab me in the heart!  He had faith in me and I had a Mommy Fail.  (He did end up with a lunch he loved – fruit, cheese and crackers and yogurt, thanks to wonderful teachers).

I’m sure at this point, you’re thinking, “so…why is this the best problem a mom could have?”  Okay, forgetting Kellen’s lunch was definitely the low point and I have some serious remorse over it, but the rest of the disorganization has been smaller things…like the fact that my house looks, well… embarrassing.  I’m barely getting the dishes done and don’t ask me about the amount of folded and unfolded laundry on my couch.  I’m far from an impeccable house keeper, but this is embarrassing, by even my standards.  All week, I’ve been trying to figure out why – it’s not been a very appointment busy week?

And then yesterday this happened:

And the realization all came crashing in.  I have a true toddler.  Not just by number of months since birth or due date, but by attention need.  Way gone are the days of two naps and now also gone are the days of putting a few toys out and letting Owen play by himself while I get a few things done.

Unless he’s in his crib or excersaucer, i really can’t leave him for long because he climbs on EVERYTHING, but still doesn’t know the easy way down.  Every time I leave the room, he’s made his way to the Leap Frog table and pulls up to standing to play with it.  On two occasions, I’ve heard the music and rushed back in just in time to catch him as he’s timbered backwards. No graceful sit-falls.  Body straight head aiming straight for the ground type falls.  “Not cool, Owen!”  On another occasion I was in the kitchen and heard Owen fussing.  His knees were on the physical therapy bench, butt in the air and head on the ground.  He didn’t know how to get out of his compromising position.  (yes, I did consider leaving him there long enough for me to grab the camera. but protective mommy trumped blogger mommy).  Other times he’s been splayed across the bench and couldn’t figure out how to get anywhere else.  I’ve started taking the bench and the Leap Frog table out if I need to leave the room, but guess what…tonight he figured out how to climb the couch to stand.  Apparently, something clicked in that little brain and Owen went from barely mobile to EVERYWHERE in a matter of a week.

OMG, i was not prepared and HOLY BUCKETS it’s wonderful, amazing and just makes me smile!  He’s doing it!  He is mobile and driven and, oh, he’s so excited about it.  I have gotten so many shiver giggles from him this week, I guess I really don’t care so much about the laundry on the couch or the floors or the dusting.  #1 priority is Kellen’s lunch (I promise to never, ever forget again, I was so sad to have let him down)  #2 clean floors since I have someone discovering every inch of them #3 Everything else, when I get to it.  I have a boy to protect from himself.


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4 thoughts on “The Best Problem a Mom Could Have

  1. Way to go Owen with the crawling. We are adjusting to Sebastian crawling and trying to walk. It takes a lot out of you chasing after the wee ones

  2. It’s AMAZING how fast they transition from not-so-mobile to super mobile!! And it is oh so wonderful!!! I’m so proud of you Owen! I can’t get enough of that video 🙂

  3. What a thrill to watch the video of Owen crawling! Now it’ll be giant strides. We check daily for updates on the boys. Thanks. Bev

  4. Ah, Tatum, this was so much fun to read and to see! How exciting for you all! How happy that you’ve all reached this stage! Oh, by the way, we’ve all forgotten important things for our children from time to time. We’re only human:)

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