The Athlete and The School Boy

I admit it, this week I’m going to be the mother that focuses mainly on the fact that her kids are getting so big.  I’ll try not to be too annoying, but it’s a big week in the ANRC house.

Tomorrow Kellen starts organized sports.  He is taking both floor hockey and ice skating this summer.  I guess my life as a soccer…err, this is Minnesota…hockey mom is beginning.  Kellen has expressed a strong interest in hockey for a while.  I have the secret mom hope that he’ll hate it (I hate the cold, the risk of injuries is concerning, it costs a small fortune and hockey in Minnesota is crazy competitive) but I’m trying to let Kellen live his dreams and so I’m going to be cheering whichever avenue he chooses (and I promise to not push swimming too hard because if I do, he’ll choose skiing like his dad and did I mention I hate the cold?  At least hockey is in the ice arena).

The other big life change in our house is Owen started school today.  Oh guys, he did really, really well!  And I didn’t cry!  I can’t say I wasn’t emotional, but I didn’t cry.  Several of the teachers know Owen as Kellen’s little brother and were excited to have him in the class.  His favorite part of the day was outside time.  The school sent home these pictures of him on the swing.

20130610-132529.jpg 20130610-132520.jpg

He did cry some and had some moments of alternating crying / smiling, but as first days go, they said he did great. During snack, he mouthed foods that I sent while the other kids ate the school provided snack.  I’m hopeful that eating with his friends will encourage him to eat.  When I arrived to pick him up he was excited to see me and promptly said, “bye bye” (as in “let’s go”) so it seems 3 hours is just about his max.


Done for the day and ready to go "bye bye".

Done for the day and ready to go “bye bye”.

School is still a test for Owen.  It was a decision we didn’t take lightly and we included his pulmonary doctor in the decision.  The plan is as long as Owen is sticking to “simple” colds and ear infections that we typically see in the first years of school, he can keep going.  However, if he requires multiple courses of prednisone or gets hospitalized than we pull him and wait to try again later.  We are looking for the balance of giving him the opportunity to develop as typically as possible, while still watching his lung health and his attendance will continue to be a fluid decision.

For each day that he gets with his peers, I’m thrilled for the possibilities.  Since we’ve been home he’s been up in his bed jabbering away.  I think he’s processing the big day (don’t be afraid to sleep a little too, buddy!).


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10 thoughts on “The Athlete and The School Boy

  1. Oh, I am so excited for Owen!! Looks like he had a very successful day at school overall, and here’s hoping for many more! Good luck to Kellen, too! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you weren’t too emotional. I am just looking at the pictures. Hooray for Owen – a big day to be sure!!

  3. What a HUGE milestone for you today Tatum and Kyle!!! Congrats on Owen’s first day at school!! It was wonderful to see you guys this weekend. You ALL look so great. Natalie wants to play with Kellen again soon!

    • It was great seeing you too, Sara and meeting Colin. My boys weren’t so happy about me holding him, but they got over it. If you want to do a walk with the two little boys before you go back to work, let me know.

  4. So, so, SO exciting!! I’ve been desperately waiting to read the report on how it went… glad to hear it went well and Owen seemed to love it. What did YOU do with your three hours? Such a great day.

    • I didn’t get the full 3 hours this time because I stayed for a while to get him comfortable and then Kyle was home for a while in the morning, so I made some appt phone calls and showered.

  5. What a big day in your home it was! I am so excited for Owen and you because this is huge! I really hope he weill get along very well without any major infections!! You go, Owen!! 🙂

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