Thankful for Togetherness

Some milestones don’t hit you without probing.

Today, Owen is featured in the Gillette Children’s Specialty Clinics blog.  When being interviewed about Owen’s amazing progress in eating, I was asked how Owen’s eating will make Thanksgiving more special and that’s when it hit me; Owen is 19 months old today and this is the first holiday that he is truly able to participate.  No, he’s not going to eat the turkey Kyle will be making, but he will be present, at the table and doing what the rest of the family is doing.  Eating!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Wishing you all a happy holiday that leaves you full of love and delicious food.

There will be no post tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful for Togetherness

    • Enjoy your first family holiday with Sam at home, Nicole! I’m happy to have your comments and keep checking in on your blog too. Our boys have so much in common.

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