Take Me Out To The Ball Game

We had such a great treat today! Owen had the honor of representing Gillette Children’s Hospital by leading the Kid’s Running of the Bases at the Minnesota Twins baseball game.

The 10-0 score tells me that the game was great. I wasn’t watching much, the kids aren’t the sit and watch type. It worked out well because we were in handicap accessible seating and the kids had room to get up a play without interrupting other attendees.  Also, our seats were perfect because the Twins hit 3 home runs into the stands just below us.

20130602-222013.jpg 20130602-222154.jpg

Giving cotton candy a try.

Giving cotton candy a try.

With cousin Derek.

With cousin Derek.

We even had enough room for friends Becca and James and their daughters Emma and Maddy to stop by for a while. Emma was a 23 weeker who was in the NICU at the same time as Owen.


At the end of every Sunday home game, kids who attend Twins game line up in a line that wraps halfway around the stadium. The kids in our party skipped the line and were escorted right down to the front of the line.

20130602-221855.jpg 20130602-221912.jpg

Owen and his friend, Nathan, ran and Owen walked with me holding his hands. He walked nearly the entire way. I picked him up and carried him half way between 2nd and 3rd base and then put him back down to walk from 3rd to home.


Owen standing on home plate.  I love what this picture represents about what Gillette does for kids with disabilities.  Do you see the line of kids wrapping around the field? It goes up inside the stadium and curls back around to the far right the picture.


Once Owen was done, the rest of the kids attending the game were able to start their run and we grabbed a quick family pic with TC.


Owen hadn’t napped during the day and fell asleep while in his carrier in the walk to the car.


When we got home and I was taking Owen out of the car, I noticed something on the floor… his g-tube! I quickly took him in and scrubbed up to put in a new one. Unfortunately my worst fear came true. The hole had already closed. I quickly changed his diaper and loaded him back into the car for a trip to the Emergency Room. Fortunately, they have some great tricks and Owen did not have to have surgery. We were there for about an hour and his tube is back. With this experience, I learned some keys on what to do if a g-tube hole closes again. I will write a post on that subject tomorrow because I know it’s so many of our fear for our tubies.


A visit to the ER wasn’t the best part of the day, but things could have ended much worse and the rest of the day worked out perfectly so I’m going to chalk it up as practically perfect. Thanks to Gillette Children’s for the great memories and all your help in getting Owen mobile enough to participate in the running of the bases.