Posts of 2013 Every Preemie Parent Should Read

Last year I shared the list of posts from around the blogger community that moved me the most.  There are many, many fabulous posts, these are just the ones that for me, I remembered all year.  These are the posts when I get down, that I know will help lift me up.  I hope they do the same for you.  Read and enjoy and if you love the posts, leave a note for the blogger thanking them for being brave enough to share.

When you need to hear, “I get it” through all of this:

Words for Micropreemie Parents by Becca Wood for Cheering on Charlie

When you wonder what your preemie is going to think of all of this:

An Interview with My Preemie by Kasey Matthews for Preemie Babies 101

When you wonder what the siblings are going to think of all of this:

An Interview with a Preemie Sibling by Kasey Matthews for Preemie Babies 101

When it feels like moms and dads deal with all of this differently:

The Challenges of Being a NICU Dad by Dr. Sue Hall, MD for Papa’s of Preemies

When you need a reminder to find the good in all of this:

The Gift of Disability by K for Transcending CP

When the guilt of all of this is overwhelming you:

Dear Me:  A Letter to Myself by MrBoosMum for Premmeditations

When you need a reminder that even through all of this, you’re just a mom:

 (Micro) Preemie’s Mother Day by P for Handpicked Miracle

When you need a reminder that most doctors are on your side through all of this:

End of Life at Birth by Dr Keith J Barrington for Neonatal Research

When you are missing your friends through all of this:

Friendships After the NICU by Jessi Bennion for Life with Jack

When you’re trying to make sense of all this for your child:

To My Child with Special Needs by Tatum Marinkovich for Ain’t No Roller Coaster

If you have a blog post (written by you or someone else) that you want others to see, please feel free to share in the comments.

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