Posts of 2012 Every Preemie Parent Should Read

It seemed 2012 was a year of solidarity within the Preemie social media community.  Life after NICU and Papas of Preemies launched late in 2011 and early in 2012, several private Facebook groups started, there was the first Parents of Preemie Day in the spring and the first annual World Prematurity Day was in November 2011 and grew exponentially in 2012.

Having the support of a community has been a key element to getting through life with a preemie – especially during cold and flu season lock down.  Here is a collection of some of the 2012 posts from around the community that I’d recommend to any preemie parent or friend/family of a preemie family.

Posts to read when you are a new preemie parent:

Dear New NICU Mom by Lindsay Franks for Life with Jack

Dear New Preemie Parent by Tatum Marinkovich for Ain’t No Roller Coaster

A Letter to Me by Joel Brens for Papas of Preemies

Posts to read when you need to hear someone say the right thing:

How to Talk to a SN Parent by Marty Barnes for Papas of Preemies

What to Say (when a parent loses a child) by Jana Kimmel for Keeping up with the Kimmels

Post to read when you need a reality check:

Catch up by 2? by Jessi Bennion for Life with Jack

Post to read when words hurt:

The R Word by Amanda Knickerbocker for Understanding Prematurity

Post to read when there is an older sibling:

The Therapy Fund Vol. 6 by Melissa Harris for The Tales of the Anti-Preemie

“I am Preemie Parent, hear me roar” post:

“Get over it,” “Just Fine,” “Normal” by Tatum Marinkovich for Ain’t No Roller Coaster

Post to read over and over and over again:

1st Corinthians for Moms written by Katie Loveland for Life with Jack

What preemie posts helped you most in 2012?

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editors note:  I had mistakenly used the wrong last name for Melissa from Tales of the Anti-Preemie.  The post has been corrected to reflect her correct last name.  My sincerest apologies Melissa!  

Hero of the Month: Kellen

One of the most frequent comments we heard when Owen was born was, “All this and with a toddler…that must make it even harder.”

While I will agree there were more logistics to manage because Owen was not our only child, I cannot agree that our course was anymore difficult because of Kellen. To the contrary, I think he made it easier for us.

Because of Kellen, Kyle and I found something to smile about each day. Fortunately for us, he’s a pretty hilarious kid so laughing was easy. However, even when he wasn’t making us laugh, for Kellen, we always found something positive in each day. Because of him, we couldn’t get so completely sucked into the NICU and all things Owen that we weren’t able to keep living. Life was in slow-mo and not the same, but it didn’t stop.

Watching the boys together is one of my greatest joys. Owen follows his big brother everywhere and is always interested in what Kellen is doing. I get the biggest smile out of Owen each afternoon when I say, “should we go bye bye and get Kellen?” Kellen loves to make his brother giggle by blowing raspberries on his belly or dancing with him. And he’s so protective of Owen. He was with when Owen went to clinic last week and was visibly angry at the doctor for making Owen cry during the ear examination. He puffed up his chest and gave the dirtiest look a 3-year-old can give to that doctor and, for the rest of the appointment, he would not leave Owen’s side.

Thank you, Kellen, for reminding Mommy and Daddy that life goes on and that the world doesn’t revolve around any one member of this family. You’ve been so brave and strong through some really scary stuff that even we don’t understand. Thank you for accepting your brother for who he is and giving him a role model of what he can become. Thank you for the warm hugs each day and for being you.