How to change a g-tube

Had he not been hospitalized, Owen would have seen his surgeon on Monday to get a new g-tube button.  The buttons get replaced every 3-4 months and after the first couple changes, the parents do the changing.  So the outcome of the appointment was two-fold.  1) get a new button and 2) teach me how to replace it.  Since we couldn’t go see him, Dr. Hess came to see us in Owen’s room.

I was a little nervous to be messing with a hole (stoma is the medical term) going into his stomach, but have to admit it wasn’t that bad and was really surprised at how quickly it went. Owen didn’t seem to notice and the hole didn’t look that gross.  You can see the lesson for yourself (there is nothing too graphic but you will see me slide the button out of his stoma and then put a new one back in).

See, I told you this blog had more interesting stuff than CaringBridge!