Our Decision for, and Results of, Nissen Fundoplication

While in the NICU there are many decisions that you easily defer to the doctors’ recommendation.  There are others, however, that takes a little more consideration.  One of those more thoughtful decisions, for us, was whether or not to take the Neonatologists’ recommendation that Owen get a Nissen Fundoplication (I’ll call it Nissen, since that’s what was used by Owen’s medical team, however, others call it a Fundo).

As with any medical procedure or diagnosis that I write about in this blog, please keep in mind that I’m a mom with no medical training.  My sample size is one.  I’m not recommending, nor am I qualified to recommend, that anyone do or do not get a Nissen.   However, I wanted to share our story solely from the perspective of WHY we chose a Nissen for Owen and to discuss the RESULTS after one year.  My hope is that other parents who need to consider a Nissen may glean some questions to ask their doctors.  I’m also interested in hearing others’ experience with Nissen decision-making and results.

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