Maybe it’s the fresh perspective of the vacation, but today, I don’t want to write about what parts of the mom journey make me sad. Today, I’d much rather talk about HOPE.

My Fear of the Jinx is not gone, but I’m going to be a little brazen today and tell you that if there is one thing that a preemie baby can teach you, it’s hope.

To come from here:

To here:

How can you not have hope? And wonder? And gratitude?

I hate what has happened to Owen and that Kellen has had to watch it. HATE IT. But there has never been a “why me”.

“Why them”? Yes.

“Why me”? No.

I’ve been given the chance to be part of the lives of miracles.

I’m in awe of my sons; one overcoming nearly insurmountable physical hardship and the other keeping his love and self-confidence while being forced to grow up too fast (by the way, one day I’ll tell Kellen’s birth story – his NICU nurses called him “superman” for a reason).

Everything they have been through and their smiles this big.

Kellen and Owen in their first shared bath. Yes, the water is blue, they were using Crayola Bath Dropz

I don’t know what the future holds for either of my sons, but I do have a lot of hope.