Sweet Recognition

One of the many silver linings of having a special needs child is that as a parent you notice EVERY milestone.  Actually, I often make up my own milestones as they come, so there aren’t many days that I don’t get to have a proud mom moment.  Monday Owen’s milestone was especially sweet and I had to share.

With, just the two of us in the room, we were laying on the floor together and looking through pictures of our family saved on the iPad.  With each picture, I was telling him who was in it.

“Owen.”  he looked at the screen

“Kellen”  he looked at the screen

“Kellen and Mommy”  he looked up at me

Daddy and Owen” he looked at the screen

“Kellen and Owen” he looked at the screen

“Owen and Mommy” he looked up at me

“Daddy and Mommy” he touched the screen and then looked up and touched my cheek

Ahhhh – moments to never forget.


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6 thoughts on “Sweet Recognition

  1. Thanks Tatum for a wonderful way to start out a Monday (seems like a Monday anyway) on a happy note. It made me smile and put me in the right frame of mind to start out the work week. Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday weekend!!

    • Thank you, Leanne. I hope the rest of your Monday (or Tuesday) was a good one. Only 4 more days to the next weekend!

  2. Talk about heart melting! Owen sure is one lucky (and smart) boy to not only have such a great family but be blessed with a Mom who sees these silver linings! Too many parents take all the little bits for granted! Here’s to many more amazing moments with Owen and Kellen! Bless you all!

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