Superstitions of a Preemie Parent

First, for those of you who didn’t see Facebook – Owen was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  His energy level was much improved by morning and he had no “hospital defined” fever (not sure what that is, but it’s something higher than 100) and he was back to his baseline oxygen so they said he could be watched from home.  They gave us the option to wait one more day until all the labs were back, but I said he’d sleep better at home (did I mention Owen wasn’t a fan of the hospital or it’s wonderful staff…at all).

Being back in the hospital was a reminder to all the little superstitions that we have in attempts to control what’s going to happen.

  • If I make a big deal about him being sick, he’ll be okay, so I posted on Facebook that he was sick (didn’t work)
  • If I take him to the clinic, he’ll be okay, so let’s go. (didn’t work)
  • If I pack for a day at the hospital, he’ll get to come home (didn’t work)
  • To be extra prepared, I’ll bring enough formula to get through the night since I know nutrition won’t make his 24 cal until morning, this preparation will, for-sure, keep him from being admitted. (didn’t work)
  • Dang it, I didn’t bring my glasses or contact case/solution, I bet he get’s admitted.(sure was)
  • If I do a post letting everyone know he’s in the hospital, he’ll get to come home today (it WORKED, it WORKED!  See, this superstition stuff is, totally, for real)

So, I realize this isn’t logical.  Anyone that is logical would say, I took those steps because I know my son should have been seen by the doctors and when they agreed with my concern, I knew what I needed to do to make the visit as convenient as possible.  I’m really a mom who has done the ED thing a few times.

But, no, I’d much rather believe that me posting a dramatic post about him being in the hospital yesterday is why we came home so quickly.  I get a little control, right?

Who else does this crazy stuff??



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