Super Wy’s Warriors raise more than $6000 for the March of Dimes

We couldn’t have asked for better weather or company as Kellen and I participated in the Minneapolis March of Dimes March for Babies on Sunday.  With Owen just out of the hospital, he and Kyle had to sit this one out, but they were with us in spirit.  The March of Dimes supports research aimed at preventing premature births and programs to help NICU families.

We marched on team Super Wy’s Warriors in Memory of Wyatt Olig (April 10, 2011 – November 22, 2011), Owen’s NICU buddy and son of our friends, Chris and Kathy Olig.  Kathy, did a great job pulling a team of about 35 walkers together.  Each team member wore a white t-shirt and bandana in red, Wyatt’s favorite color.  Kathy also gave the team Wyatt buttons, so he walked with each of us.  As a team we raised over $6200 and thanks to several generous donors, our family was able to raise $500 of that.  In total, March of Dimes raised $1.8MM in Minnesota on Sunday!

Personally, it was a really special day.  It was so nice to see so many of our friends from the NICU.  You fall in love with all the babies and have empathy for the parents like nothing I have ever felt before.  Many times you have  nothing in common but that experience, and that’s enough to have a lasting friendship.  I walked with the families of Owen’s roommates in nursery two and thought of the families that weren’t there.

One of the more special moments for me was when I finally met and hugged the mother of Owen’s first roommate, baby Britta.  Britta and Owen were born on the same day and their beds were about 3 feet, or less, from each other.  I never talked to her family, but due to proximity we knew Britta wasn’t going to make it and cried when walked into the nursery to find her bed no longer there.  Today, Kelly, her mom had asked some of the NICU nurses to introduce us.  She remembered Owen and wanted to know how he was.  “She said she would never forget that tiny baby, Owen, next to her Britta” and I told her “I’d never forget that beautiful, full term, Britta next to my Owen”.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

In Memory of Wyatt Button's that Super Wy's Warriors proudly wore. Wasn't he cute!

Walkers ascending the first hill of the 2012 March for Babies in 2012. We were towards the front of the group, so you can see there were a lot of walkers.

Joanna, Isaiah (10 month old 29 weeker), Kellen and Tatum

Kellen and Tatum ready to March for Babies, Minneapolis, April 29, 2012

Tatum and Dina (mom to 1 year old 24 weeker Gio)

We’d like to give special thanks to those that donated to the Marinkovich members of Super Wy’s Warriors.  Leslie Holman, Michael and Linda Janicki, Janet and Shawn Johanson, Judy Jordan, Jennifer and Malcolm Kass, Stephanie Larson, Gordon Marinkovich and Natalie and Chad Tyler

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