Kyle took the week off work last week. We didn’t go anywhere, so I guess that qualifies as a staycation, however, it wasn’t very rejuvenating  These are the things that Kyle did on his week off from work.

  • Got several quotes to refinance the house
  • Got several quotes for new car and home insurance
  • Cleaned the interior and exterior of both cars (haz-mat suits were nearly needed)
  • Cleaned the man room (another haz-mat worthy space that I refuse to clean)
  • Cleaned the garage and shiffted summer and winter toys from the attic
  • Cleaned the chimney
  • Put together some furniture
  • Scheduled several appointments
  • Anchored furniture that Owen might have pulled

And on, and on.

I, on the other hand, felt like I got nothing done. In my defense I did spend 24 hours in bed from being sick. I also had some mommy luxuries like a haircut and vision appointment. But with the time off, my house is still messier than I want it and I had almost no time to open my computer. I’m not sure how it is that Kyle was so prolific and and I didn’t seem to accomplish much. Truth be told, I really missed my nap-time quiet. When Owen naps (or pretends to nap, as is often the case) I write and do blog stuff and answer emails and schedule appointments with doctors and therapists. That one to two hours is sacred to me and last week…I had my husband in my space. I’d start a project and then get interrupted and could never pull it all together. I missed phone calls, texts, emails, outings with friends that I still need to go back and grovel my apologies for missing.

I don’t mean to be mean – it was wonderful having him home and to get some family time. Kellen was in heaven having both parents home all week and, in all, we got a lot off the to-do list. The realization for me was how much I depend on periods of uninterrupted quiet time to stay focused. It’s been a year and a half, but I’m still getting to know this stay-at-home person that I am right now. Apparently she really doesn’t like missing the work part of her day.

Goldy’s Run, benefiting University of Minnesota, Amplatz Children’s Hospital is this Saturday. Our training has been pretty much non-existent. I hope it doesn’t kill me. Seriously! After a run this weekend, Owen had some pointers for me.


Clearly, he wasn’t impressed with my effort.  His look says, “is that all you’ve got?”


We made it a family affair.20130408-115656.jpg


How do you like Kyle’s new shoes? It’s his first pair of athletic shoes in over ten years (he does winter sports that require boots). Even so, he did well yesterday. I think he’ll be able to run the whole course on Saturday. I, on the other hand, will likely need a few walking breaks.

Here we are on the runner’s high after the practice yesterday.  Kellen’s cheeks are red because ran some of the run too.  He’s participating in the Kid’s 1/2 mile Goldy’s Gallup and cannot wait to run on the field and see Goldy.


I know several readers are doing the run, send me a private message if you’re going and we can set a place to meet.  Dress warm, the weather isn’t predicted to be very friendly.


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    • When your name 22Butter came across my email, you made me wonder ;-). For Goldy’s Run, we just paid the participation fee. We are collecting donations for the March of Dimes March for Babies, if you’re interested in that, you can make donations here

  1. I DO understand. Spouses (ok, male spouses) can really be schedule-cramping! If Scott is having a home office day I quickly alter my plans.. ha. Looking forward to Saturday. I need to register the kids because they do want to run.. However, I still have no plan for them for during the 5k. I guess I should start figuring something out!

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