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This post is a bit of a mish-mash of topics that have been hanging out there, so I thought I’d give updates in one quick post.

How is Owen doing at School?  I think the best answer is that Owen’s transition to school has been developmentally appropriate.  You can read through those words, right?  Drop-offs have been tough!  The first day he cried after he realized I left, the next couple of times he starting crying as soon as we entered the classroom, then he started crying when we’d drop off Kellen.  He is still crying at drop off.  A few days have been tough enough that they took him up to see Kellen (which worked – melt my heart).  Actually, yesterday was one of his hardest drop offs.  However, when I picked him up yesterday, it was the first time he wasn’t sitting right next to his one-to-one teacher with his pacifier and blanket.  He was engaged in play with the other kids and seemed really confident in his surroundings.  It is getting better each day and I can already see differences in him.  At OT last week, he stacked SIX blocks and when other kids are at our house he is starting to try to insert himself into their play.  The school has also been really impressed with Owen’s use of words with his friends and teachers.  So yes, it’s been hard, but nothing different than his typical needs counterparts.  So far, so good!

How is life without Oxygen?  Great!  We saw pulmonary last week and she has ordered the oxygen and oximeter out of our house.  It’s official, we no longer have a back up plan at home.  (Gulp!  Squeal!).

How was vacation?  Perfect!  My friend and I went to Vancouver and Whistler for a 3-day weekend.  I’ve come back with a full belly and a refreshed outlook on life.  Scenery like this has that effect on people.

photo (17)

What Advice would I give to families Coming Home from the NICU?  Oh, so funny you should ask, I wrote a guest post for that!  Okay, that was a forced transition, but really, please check out the guest post I wrote for Pediatric Home Service.  They asked me to consider coming home with a medically complex child and what I wished I had known sooner.

PHS is our durable medical equipment (DME) supplier.  I hear nightmare stories about that nationally known DME.  I wish PHS was national so more of you could get their great service.  This isn’t an ad for them (I don’t do ads) it’s truth speaking.  The customer service is great and do you remember that SNAFU with our DME dollars running out last year?  PHS is who came to our rescue.  The insurance company was like, “oh, I guess we should have told you sooner than 2 months after your money ran out.  Well, you go ahead cover that $15,000+ this year and I bet you won’t make the same mistake next year.”  PHS, on the other hand was like, “You’re down an income and probably can’t handle $15,000 SNAFUs.  We can’t make it free, but let’s see what we can do.”  It’s a lesson I’d rather not have had to learn, but PHS helped make it a lot more manageable.  Yes, PHS forwent some profits, but do you want to know what they told me when they said why?  “We are in the business of making life easier for families with medically complex children, sometimes profits have to come behind our mission.”  Awesomeness!


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7 thoughts on “Some Recent FAQs

  1. Oh Tatum, that photo is GORGEOUS and I am so excited that you no longer need oxygen at home, either! So cool! YAYAYYAYY OWEN!!! WHOOT!! And six blocks plus interest in play? Dude. Awesome. Here’s hoping that drop-offs get easier. We had a hard time at first as well…but it’s gotten better.

  2. Oh so jealous of your three day. I just spent 4 days in a camper with the girls, the husband and the dog. Did I mention it was raining. Not raining, a freaking monsoon. Great update, although I am sorry Owen is having a hard time at drop-off. Nothing to make you feel like mom of the year than to leave when your boy is upset. On the upside NO O2 🙂

    Hey I didn’t get my lottery results yet…is Alice on her way?

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