Houses take maintenance and when you’re facing increased medical bills, one less income and life with a chronically ill child, things like house maintenance can get behind.  We have finally reached a point where things were looking bad enough that we can wait no  more.  The last of the painters is coming to give us a quote today and we have some moderate landscaping plans.

Just knowing that there is a plan in place and that we are taking back the control of our lives…that’s pretty big.  It’ll be several weeks before everything is done, but today, Owen and I made our first home improvement.

Some would say it’s a small improvement, but I know ANRC readers will think differently.  Here is the Before & After.



Do you notice something different on the right?  The lack of this something, perhaps?


That’s right!  PHS took all of our oxygen supplies out of the house today.

I insisted on helping carry everything out to the delivery  pick-up van.  It felt like I was taking some control.  In truth, the real control that I showed was the resistance of not taking a baseball bat and going a little Office-Space on that evil pulse oximeter (monitor) that kept me up at all hours of the night for the last 1.75 years.

I definitely have some nervous apprehension about this (literal) life-line leaving our house, but mostly, I feel like it’s a wonderful step forward.  It shows how far Owen has come and maybe it’s not as obvious on the outside, but also how far the rest of us have come.

Peace out, oxygen.  Don’t call me and I won’t be calling you.


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