Relentless Determination

Watching Owen work on his physical development has truly been inspirational. It somewhat reminds me of watching Kyle’s favorite movie, Miracle, when Herb Brooks, played by Kurt Russell, keeps blowing his whistle, “again…again…again” – working the team to their limits. The only difference is Owen’s not being punished by anyone and there is no coach blowing the whistle. For Owen, it comes from within and he is relentless.

I wish I had better pictures and video, but this several week old video is the best example of how Owen pushes himself until he can no longer stay up and then, he takes a short rest and gets right back up. Anytime that someone is not playing directly with Owen, this is what he’s doing.

Today, his work isn’t in trying to pull his legs under him, like in the video. Now, he is focused on crawling. He is so close and so driven that sometimes he starts crying because he gets frustrated that he’s not moving. It’s not a temper tantrum cry, it’s more of a battle cry. He’s willing himself to move. So far, he’s able do one full rotation – leg, leg, hand, hand – in forward motion. He doesn’t get it always, but I’ve seen him do it several times. My favorite part is that when he does do it, he often lies down on his side and claps his hands for himself.

As a parent, you feel like your job is to be the teacher. Owen’s got something you can’t teach, but it definitely inspires me to want to be a better person.

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