Ready for Push Ups

I know, the picture quality isn’t the greatest, but let me explain why this is one of my favorite pictures of Owen to date.

The “Why you so crazy?” look on his face is because his mom is simultaneously clapping, cheering, bouncing on my knees and searching for any nearby picture-taking device.  Monday, Owen started fully extending up on his hands and actually in this picture, he’s holding all of his weight on one arm – the right!

Owen working on bearing weight on his hands. Taken on 4/30/12.

For 6 months, much to Owen’s displeasure, we have worked on this position several times a day.  Back in late July, Owen could do this, however, ever since his fractures to his ribs and arms, he stopped putting any weight on his arms and he would not keep his arms in by his body.  You’ll recognize the picture below from CB, but it shows really well how Owen laid on his stomach in November.  His arms are straight out to the side and his head is supported entirely by the pillow.

Notice the position of Owen's arms and head when on his stomach in November 2011.

Every day I would work with him on pulling his arms into his body.  I’d work on giving him toys to reach into his center-line and 3-5 times a day, I’d lay him on his stomach and hold his arms in to his body.  He HATED it.  Every session ended in tears (his) and hugs (mine).

By February, we got him to a point that would keep his arms under his body, but still , he would not put his hands flat to bear weight, or even push up on his forearms.  His head was always flat, like you see in this picture.

Feb 2012. This picture is the first time I was able to get Owen to keep his arms under his body without me holding them in

Since then, it’s really become clear that Owen’s right side was his bigger issue.  Just Thursday, when his Early Intervention team worked with us at the hospital, I was showing them how his left side looked great and his right was completely limp and pointed straight out to the side.   They said to just keep working with him and it’ll come around.

Just 4 days later, he’s not only holding his right arm in, he’s supporting his entire upper body with it!  Breakthrough!  This is the foundation to all the major development milestones – crawling, pulling to standing and even walking because he needs the upper body strength to support standing.

Now that you have the background, let me show you that first picture again so you can start cheering, clapping and bouncing and your co-workers can give you the “Why you so crazy?” look.

Owen working on bearing weight on his hands.

PS – please forgive the quality of the pictures.  Most of the times an iPhone snapshot is all I have time to get during our daily workout sessions.  Plus, when you know the story behind the pictures, the quality of the image has a very different meaning.

PS II – you may have noticed in the earlier pictures that Owen’s eyes seemed less crossed than they do in the most recent image.  We’ve been noticing that too and Ophthalmology has moved his July appointment to May to take a look.  Mommy suspicion is glasses are in our near future.

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  1. YEAH OWEN! Grandma Sue is soooo proud of you. You never cease to amaze us. I love you little buddy.

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